Beyond Manicures: 5 Ways to Keep Your Nails Strong & Healthy

When it comes to health, our nails (and skin, but that’s another topic) are often neglected. Wear and tear from the most mundane of activities can take more of a toll on our nails than we may realize; and while the consequences are usually superficial, some unhealthy nails can lead to infection or a loss in the dexterity of your fingers. 

Here are some pro tips on how to keep your nails healthy and beautiful!

Stay away from overhydration. Too much exposure to water can lead your nails to soften and weaken.That said,, don’t let this deter you from bathing or enjoying a swim. You should, however, wear gloves when interacting with water while cleaning or washing the dishes. 

Stay hydrated– and that’s not a catch-22. Drinking plenty of water instead of drowning your nails in it is the second biggest benefit to keeping your nails healthy and shapely. Making sure you have your daily serving of multivitamins and minerals is essential as well. 

Stay toxin free. Make sure the nail polish you’re using is nontoxic– and, most importantly, make sure the nail polish remover you use does not contain acetone under any circumstances.

Resist the urge to grow out your nails. Have you ever broken a freshly clipped nail? No? The longer your nails, the more breakable they are– and the more damage you risk doing to the structure of your nails overall.

Last but not least, avoid dehydrating your nails. Unfortunately– given the current state of the world– hand sanitizer is the biggest culprit of drying your nails out and making them more brittle. When using hand sanitizer, make sure to not rub it onto your nails (even momentarily).


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