DIY Tie-Dye

Have you ever felt like your plain white clothing is just waiting to get dirty? Have a thing for a dazzling array of colors that will make a rainbow jealous? We think it’s time you tie-dye! Don’t you dare start googling “tie-dye clothes to buy,” however, because making your own tie-dye clothing is half the fun! Instead of needing a single artistic bone in your body, our simple instructions below will have you rocking out a treasured piece of colorful clothing in no time.

    1. Get the goods. Plain white tops, shorts, or hats, you name it. When it comes to dye, go for at least four different colors. You can dye online or at your closest craft store (which is Michaels, for many of us).
    2. Find a nice, sunny space outdoors (preferably on a lawn).
    3. Prepare for things to get messy.
    4. Keep each dye separate and mix with warm water. If dying wool material, add a tablespoon of salt or vinegar as well to help stick (you can do this either way, really).
    5. Scrunch up and fold your clothing. Secure it in place with rubber bands. Make an effort to twist your clothing as much as possible; the more knotted and tangled, the better the color will disperse and create patterns.
    6. Soak your clothing in warm water (after rubber banding and scrunching).
    7. Rub your dye onto the corners of the clothing of your choice. (Gloves are recommended if you don’t want crazy hands for the next couple of days.)
    8. Once the dye is applied, wrap up clothing in plastic wrap (the goal is to keep all of the moisture in).
    9. Let soak for 8-12 hours minimum.
    10. Wash clothing (alone) in washing machine on cold.
      11. Feel free to shamelessly tell everybody you meet “I made this shirt all on my own.” We promise to take no credit.


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