Our Guide to the Ultimate Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

The family gathering around the Thanksgiving table is a sacred part of American tradition. But this year, it might be time to switch things up a bit and kick this tradition, well… out the door. Like, literally.

In 2020, it’s all about the fresh outdoors— yes, even when it comes to the holidays. We know what you might be wondering: But how do I host my Thanksgiving outdoors? Where do I start? With the decorations, the seating arrangements, or the menu?

Don’t fret! Below, we’ve highlighted our guide to the ultimate outdoor Thanksgiving dinner.

Be Practical

While decorations are important, the number one thing to remember when hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner is to be practical. Proximity to the kitchen is key, along with shelter from rain or chilly temperatures. Also important: seating family members who– ahem– argue very, very far from each other.

Decorate Accordingly

When it comes to decorating, allow your environment to guide you. A lush-filled garden calls for decadent pops of color, while a rustic, farm-house aesthetic leans toward whites, greys, and subtle hues of orange and green.

Live in a city environment with minimal outdoor space? Don’t panic! Set up some plants and candles, and opt for shades of green, orange, and purple to colorfully elaborate the city setting.


Savory turkey, mouth-watering cranberry sauce, sweet pumpkin pie… Ah, how could we forget about the food?

When hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner, it’s important to ensure the food is always (and we mean, always!) warm when served. Whether covering the plates or keeping them inside before everyone is ready to indulge, there are a number of ways to avoid giving your guests cold food. Trust us: You don’t want to commit this party foul.

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