4 Pairs of Warm Tights for Hot Outfits

Sundress season may still be ages away, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack up ALL of your skirts and dresses until the sun shines again. We’ve found an answer to our biggest wardrobe dilemma of the cold season: WARM TIGHTS.

The typical tights you wear in late spring/ early summer are thin nylon, which is perfectly fine when you’re not worried about frostbite. During winter, op for styles that are lined, or made of fabrics that are naturally warming (like wool).

Classic Black
What wardrobe is complete without a pair of classic black tights? They’re so versatileand go with pretty much EVERYTHING in your wardrobe. Invest in a pair of fleece-lined, opaque black tights and thank us later.

Pair to Try: Free People Fleece-Lined Tights; $16

Bold Color
Add a little color to the winter. By bold, we’re not talking crazy, just a deep hue. Try classics like navy blue, burgundy, or mustard for a sophisticated take on color. These are perfect for pairing with your winter blacks & greys.

Pair to Try: Modcloth Accent Your Ensemble Tights; $15

Sweater Tights
What could be better than a sweater for your legs? Fashioned in a cable-knit manner, sweater tights are not only warm AF, but give off a super cozy aesthetic.

Pair to Try: GAP Sweater Tights; $14

Don’t get these confused with your grandmother’s pantyhose, a good pair of warm, nude tights come in hand for everything – from layering them under your pants (and being able to wear shoes without socks), to keeping your look professional.

Pair to Try: Wolford Naked 8 Tights; $33

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