5 Gifts Under $20 That Will Make You the BEST Secret Santa

2016 was the year of many things, but it was most definitely, at least in part, the year of adult coloring books. With hundreds of options (like this one, which celebrates the 90s, or this one, which is filled with tons of doodles) there’s one for every personality. Averaging between $5-$12, you can throw in a box of colored pencils and stay under budget.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Is your recipient a caffeine connoisseur? Try giving them a sample pack of gourmet coffees (you can find nice ones for around $15) for them to enjoy all season long. Throw in a whimsical coffee mug, and voila! Best. Secret. Santa. Ever.


Everyone loves candles, but they’re hardly something you’d splurge on for yourself. With that being said, they make a great gift. Give your secret Santa name the gift of smelling great. From classics, like vanilla bean

To make your gift stand out a little more, throw in some bubble bath, bath bombs, or anything else that will help them to relax!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Some say it’s because of the holidays, but others know it’s because our favorite beauty stores sell makeup sample sets at swoon-worthy prices. For instance, you can get this Tarte mascara trio for only $18, or this Stila liquid lipstick trio for only $20.

Gift Cards

If all else fails, go with a sure winner. A $20 gift card to a beauty store, restaurant, iTunes, etc. allows your secret Santa recipient to get exactly what they want. Feeling a little guilty about the lack of creativity? Splurge on a cute card!

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