5 Next-Level Music Festival Accessories

Heading to a certain music festival in Palm Springs, California this weekend? First of all, we’re majorly jealous. But we’ll put our feelings aside to help you out. Odds are you’ve already got your #DesertReady outfits prepared, but what else are you packing? Here are Poof Apparel’s suggestions on gear and accessories that will take your concert experience to the next level. 

Bandana Collection
No one can have too many bandanas, because they’re extremely small, incredibly cute, and astonishingly versatile. Use as a headband, ascot, tent flag, or even a makeshift crop top! There are plenty of tutorials available on creative ways to tie bandanas, so next time you see a cute pattern at a vintage shop: don’t think, just buy!

Magic Bags
Don’t just bring any old purse to the festival, get something with shape-shifting abilities. We’re talking expandable fanny packs, deep-pocket rain rain ponchos, hydration packs, and anything with a *ahem* secret drink compartment. Whatever you bring, make sure there’s plenty of room for concert merch!

High Tech
We’re assuming you’ve already got your heavy-duty portable charger (if not, you’ll definitely need it,) but what about experience-enhancing earplugs? Water-cleaning ? Uhh, stream redirectors? It’s things like these that’ll have you thanking us later. 

Major Bling
That’ll do it for your day bag, but you’ll want something extra-special to help you stand out in the extremely colorful crowd, and perhaps help you make some friends within it. Everybody loves the girl with temporary tattoos, biodegradable glitter, and glow sticks. So be that girl!





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