5 Spooky-Chic Cocktails for Halloween

Throwing a Halloween party? When celebrating spooky season with your grown-up friends, trick-or-treat candy won’t cut it. To really set the mood, enjoy some on-theme cocktails that are, shall we say, frighteningly delicious.

Mezcal Witch’s Brew
No doubt tequila can already lead to a scary time. Upgrade to the liquor’s more mature sister – mezcal has a delightfully smokey flavor. Mix with club soda and a single drop of poison green food coloring, and muddled frog guts mint leaves

Vampire Martinis
Whip up your favorite gin or vodka martini recipe, then add red food coloring and adorn the rim with fake vampire teeth and a cherry. Or, to go the poisoned apple route try an apple slice with a drizzle of honey.

Swamp Muck Sangria
Red wine sangria is delicious, but let’s be honest, it can have a certain mucky quality with enough added fruit. Lean into the madness and toss in a few gummy worms, then line the rim with black-dyed sugar for added effect.

Even Bloodier Mary
If you’re in a pinch, you don’t need to do much to elevate this already-scary-named drink to Halloween cocktail status. Just quick-pickle some pearl onions, pierce them with olives and a toothpick, and voila! You’ve got floating eyeballs to enjoy with your drink.

Cauldron Punch
When in doubt, serve a spiked rum punch in a cooler-like cauldron. If you’re going the dry ice route, keep a few safety tips in mind: always break it up before you open the bag, use tongs to place it in the bat, and let it sink to the bottom before serving! Dry ice makes for cool smokey fog, but is extremely dangerous to the touch. Stay spooky, and stay safe!




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