5 Ways to De-stress your Mind and Body

  1. At any point remember to sit up straight, unclench your jaw and take long deep breaths. Tension piles up in unsuspecting ways and it’s important to release it! Remember this when you’re sitting at the office or lounging at home.
  2. Find yourself avoiding the gym? Do simple planks, stretches, and squats when you’re at home scrolling through your phone. It’s more manageable and then you won’t have an excuse to not get a bit of exercise daily.
  3. Pay attention to your phone and the time you spend on it. Many phones and apps have the feature to tell you how long you’ve been online. Try to lower the amount each day, even by 15 minutes. remember, that what you allow into your consciousness stays there. Don’t be shy about unfollowing content that affects you negatively.
  4. Make accessible goals. Don’t just wait for the new year to do them as that can sometimes create pressure which leads to abandoned plans. Every so often physically write down what you want to accomplish. Writing it down and seeing it really helps it stick in your mind.
  5. And of course, remember water is your best friend. Not only for the health benefits, but your wallet will thank you when you save by avoiding soda, juice, and other unhealthy drinks.

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