An All-Natural Way To Get Summer Highlights

Let’s face it: With hotter weather comes a need for lighter hair. And luckily for you, we’ve compiled an easy and all-natural way to give your hair some sun-kissed highlights this season. That’s right: Brighten up your look when it comes to taking pictures for the ‘Gram and become one with the summer sunshine with the following instructions!


– A mixing bowl, and either a spray bottle (preferably with a nozzle setting that shoots the water out as a “mist”) or a fine brush such as a paint brush (or a toothbrush if you have no connection to arts and crafts)
– A full cup of lemon juice
– 1 bag of strong chamomile tea
– At least half a cup of warm water
– Blowdryer


1. Activate chamomile tea bag.

2. Combine all liquid ingredients in your mixing bowl and then stir (or slosh it all around if you’re feeling lazy).

3. If you want shades of lightening, use the spray bottle all over your hair. If you want specific strands highlighted, dip your brush in the solution and go over each strand.

4. Dry your hair with your blow dryer (you can also dry it in the sun).

5. Moisturize hair by taking a shower (with shampoo and lots of conditioner).

6. Repeat. You may want to repeat this entire process a few times until the highlights in your hair really stand out (while easy, nobody said this would be fast!).

7. Enjoy your beautiful hair and be sure to tag us at – @poofapparel.

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