Get the Glow: How to Do Latte Makeup

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Recently, makeup styles trending online, on Tok Tok, and on other social media tend to be of the more neutral variety, emphasizing natural tones and blush palettes. But as late summer weather approaches, a new style is popping up more and more on our newsfeeds: latte makeup. Here’s why we’re loving this look, and a few tips on how to achieve it on your own.

Summertime Shapeshifter: Whatever shades you select for your personal latte makeup look, you can adjust the amount you use to be more toned down or dressed up. It’s perfect for summer days where you’re never quite sure where you’re heading next. Try a light latte for lounging by a pool, then add a double-shot of espresso eyeshadow for a night on the town.

Embracing Inclusivity: Latte makeup is a slightly larger-than-life, glamorous style that incorporates various shades of tan and brown, from shimmery satin to caramel brown. Whatever your skin tone, the look can be adapted to perfectly suit your features and highlight your natural beauty.

The Return of Glam: Although we love the model-off-duty look, there’s something so exciting about really getting dressed out for a night out. Latte makeup leans into all things glamorous, and the effect is equal parts siren, cat-eye, and supermodel.

Get the Look:
1. Use a silky smooth foundation or concealer in your natural skin tone as your base layer.
2. Embrace your inner artist and paint on various shades of brown. The darkest shades should go on first, around your lashes and outer eye. Then, dust a medium shade over your lid and up to your brow bone. Finally, apply the lightest shade as a highlighter to the inner corner of your eye and just beneath your eyebrow.
3. Apply thick but smudgy eyeliner to the outer corners of your eyelids, skipping your inner eyelids entirely. Avoid liquid eyeliners, which will have too precise a look. Instead, opt for a stick, or better yet use your eyeshadow powder with just a bit of water.
4. It’s time to decorate! Pair your latte makeup with a velvety pink or red, a shimmery yet faint blush, and a bit more highlighter on the tip of your nose. The look is complete!

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