Glow Up: Best DIY Face Mask Recipes To Try


Let’s face it: nobody looks perfect on a webcam. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Whether you’re attending Zoom meetings for work or Skyping with social distant friends and family, you’re probably showing your face just as much  during this uniquely strange time in the world. So why not put your best face forward? Here, we highlight the best, all-natural face mask recipes you can do right at home to have you looking your best.

The @shaymitchell Mask

1sp tumeric
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp dead sea salt

The Charcoal Chic

Activated Charcoal
2 tbsp water
Tsp gelatin

The @thinksuzen Mask

½ cup of mashed papaya
1 whipped egg white
1 tsp honey

Reminder: Only wear masks for about twenty minutes at a time or you’ll risk drying out your skin!

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