How to Dress Like Your Favorite Hopeless Romantic

Let’s face it, we all want our life to be like the movies: meet-cute, minor conflict, resolution, happily ever after. Unfortunately, this is the real world, where it’s really expensive to hire a band to follow you around and play the soundtrack to your life. 

But you know what they say! Dress for the life you want, not the one you’ve got. Here are some styling tips straight from the silver screen, featuring your favorite romantic comedy heroines.

Sally from When Harry Met Sally

Sally opts for classy outfits with playful details. Though her accessories are certainly professional, they’ve all got an outsized flair: big ascot, big glasses, big hair. She’s the ultimate ‘80s girlboss!




Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean’s style is slightly twee– in a good way! Headbands, plaid, and bows are all staples of prep style, but the bright colors add an element of quirkiness. It’s the perfect balance for a hopeless romantic.



Lisa from Coming to America

In true ‘80s fashion, Lisa rocks simple colors and bold accessories. None of her outfits are overwhelmed by detail, so we’re able to focus on her natural beauty. And that perfect denim jacket is a must!



Bianca and Kat 10 Things I Hate About You

Sisters Bianca and Kat each have a different approach to ‘90s style. Bianca opts for sweet prints and fun symbols, while Kat’s outfits have a totally cool and tomboy-ish quality. This movie includes too many iconic fashion moments to include here, so for the extended crash course on #RomComCore, just watch the full film!



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