Ice cream girls

Here’s the scoop on the latest springtime dessert trend. It’s delicious. It’s addictive. And it’s dairy free, gluten free, calorie free — and guilt free.

It’s the ice cream-inspired pastels you’ll want to wear all spring and summer long. One look at these decadent colors, and your “I’m-not-buying-into-another-fashion-trend” resolve will melt away.

With these flavor-du-jour ice cream palettes, you can put together a different outfit every day of the week. Keep in mind that this look doesn’t have to be monochromatic; simply layer various shades of the same color, or mix and match a few luscious colors. Just beware that, by nighttime, you might find yourself craving the real thing!

Whatever your taste in fashion, you’ll be tempted by the irresistible, feminine allure of these soft-serve colors. If you’re afraid this trend will take a bite out of your budget and you’ll have to double-dip into your wallet to afford these rich-looking styles, no worries. You’ll find the pretty pastels everywhere, from designer labels (Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein, Victoria Beckham, Burberry, Max Mara, Chloé, to name a few) at the most exclusive boutiques to convincing knockoffs at the most affordable off-price department stores.

Here’s a sample of what’s in store this spring and summer:

Blue Raspberry Ice Cream

If you loved the Sky Blue crayon from your Crayola days, you’ll love this color craze. It will bring to mind beach-filled days of blue skies and blue waters.

Mint Frozen Custard

Your friends will be green with envy when they see you in “mint condition.” Go for a retro ’80s look by mixing mint green with peachy pieces.

Black Raspberry Gelato

Don’t let the name fool you; black raspberry is really a lavender color, one that’s extremely popular this season. It’s also a color that complements most skin tones.

Orange Sherbet

Somehow, “peach” seems more do-able than “orange” when it comes to fashion. That’s exactly what Orange Sherbet is, and exactly why you’ll be seeing it — and wearing it — all season long.

Lemon Sorbet

Like the namesake dessert, lemony-yellow pieces add a refreshing touch to any outfit. Make it pop with small accents of black or bright red.

Strawberry FroYo

A pastel pink palette is probably the sweetest of them all. To avoid looking like a fairytale princess, pair this color scheme with slinky stilettos and an edgy attitude a la Pink.

And when you accessorize your new pastel outfits with coordinating chunky jewelry, even chunkier shoes and matching shades of makeup, it’s like putting a cherry on top of the sundae.

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