In Defense of the Canadian Tuxedo

The Canadian Tuxedo: whether you love it or hate it, you’ve definitely got an opinion on it. And who doesn’t? The iconic combo of denim on denim has been around for years, and it’s as eye-catching as it is controversial. Well, now Poof Apparel is here to throw our hat in the ring. We love it! And here’s why.

It’s accessible. We’ve all got jeans, and we’ve all got a denim jacket – or at least a chambray shirt. When Canadian Tuxes appear in the style cycle, it’s a trend everybody can join.

It’s universally flattering. Presumably, you only buy denim that makes you look great. And with infinite denim options both new and used, it’s easy to find a fit that’s perfect for you! When you style jeans on jeans, you’re working with only the best materials. Plus, who doesn’t look terrific in blue? 

It’s comfortable. Good denim is lightweight, breathable, and flexible. Put simply: it’s comfy! When you wear a Canadian Tuxedo, you’re prepared for whatever the day might bring. 

It’s the perfect balance of neutral and chic. The all-denim outfits have a sort of “double-take” appeal. At first glance, they seem neutral. Upon a second look, one can only admire the bold pairing. And remember, when it comes to all-denim outfits, it’s all about how you style it. As we rest our case, please enjoy some of our favorite #CanadianTuxedo moments from social media:









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