Liquid Hair Style

Liquid hair has been around since last year, but in 2022 it’s really taken off. It is the style you want to do your hair this fall. As soon as warm weather is over celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, and Kim Kardashian are stretching their hair all the way out and splendid.
It does have some rules because liquid hair does not appear wet. This style looks shiny and perfectly lined in your head. The final result is straight flat- ironed hair with volume enough to seem salon professional.
Do you want to know how?
Step One: Apply Frizz-Fighting Heat Protectant
Step Two: Blow Dry
Step Three: Grab Your Flat Iron
Step Four: Use A Finishing Product
The idea of the liquid hair is to look not only stunningly perfect, but also extremely soft when touching.




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