March Style Horoscopes

Aries: You’re buzzing with anticipation as your birthday fast approaches, but remember, it’s not your time to shine yet. Share the spotlight by making fashion a collaborative activity: go shopping with a friend, gift your sister some old hand-me-downs, or plan a matching outfit with your bestie. You’ll feel much more aligned when you enter the new year with strong connections.

Taurus: Tauruses are extremely powerful manifestors, and you’re planning something big right now. Channel that same focused energy towards your wardrobe. Or, to put it simply: dress for the job you want! This is your sign to go wild.

Gemini: Mars remains in Gemini for the better part of March, so you’re feeling very high energy. Just make sure your excitement doesn’t turn into another spending spree. Make a Thrift Wish List: a few key items you’d love to find used or vintage. Then unleash at your local consignment store– with all that energy, you’re sure to find a few things you’re looking for!

Cancer: Mars enters Cancer on March 25th, so plenty of motivation and energy is coming your way. Prepare for the influx by making sure your home space is settled– skip clothing shopping this month and get something gorgeous to christen your bedroom, like a tapestry or painting.

Leo: As the sun comes out, you’re feeling more and more like yourself again. It’s time to prepare for spring in the most classic Leo way possible. Treat yourself to a spa day, complete with a facial, haircut, blowout, and a few little accessory presents to yourself along the way!

Virgo:You’re gunning for a change, Virgo, and it’s going to be a big one. But slow down for one second: before you get that new tattoo, piercing, or life-changing haircut, invest in an article of clothing that would complement it. How do you feel after wearing that item for a week? If you feel great, it’s go time, baby! Make the appointment!

Libra: You have the power of vision, and that power always feels strongest at the beginning of a season. Make a big purchase on the Spring Equinox– something elegant and adaptable, like a long silk slip dress or a canvas jumpsuit. Then, set intentions by the light of the New Moon.

Scorpio: Though winter was a wonderful season for you, it’s almost time for the jackets to go into storage. Ease the transition by planning a few farewell-to-winter outfits, showcasing your favorite fleeces and flannels. Then, trade the longer layers for some cropped cardigans in your favorite color other than black.

Sagittarius: You’re an incredible friend and most likely the glue of your social group, but this month it’s time to prioritize yourself a bit! Step into the spotlight with a top, jacket, or jumpsuit in a bright metallic shade. Your pals will see your power in a newfound light and affirm the star that you are.

Capricorn: Lately you’ve been getting bogged down by the details. While your well-informed perspective is certainly an asset, it’s time to go easy on yourself. Plan out a few super minimalist outfits. It will feel good to shed some layers and return to the basics for a long-needed reset.

Aquarius: After the birthday celebrations, you’re tempted to withdraw again into your hermit ways. Resist the urge– your creative individuality is needed now more than ever! A brightly patterned vintage poncho will broadcast your talents while still protecting your energy.

Pisces: Do you feel it? Something big is coming for you, Pisces. After three years in Aquarius, Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th. Having the planet of authority, discipline, and routine in your sign is a very powerful thing indeed. Mark the change with an equally powerful investment piece, like a job interview outfit or jewelry featuring your birthstone for extra magic.

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