POOF APPAREL Weekend Getaway!

Monthly Highlight: Miami

If you happen to be in Miami, TAG US in your photos for a chance to win POOF APPAREL.
This month’s chosen location is Miami, Florida. It is known for its great weather, nightlife scene, luxury hotels, and unique architectural design. It is a great city to visit in the fall. 
The weather is starting to cool down, and it won’t be as hot as it is in the summer. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are among the most beautiful places to visit in Miami. It is great for photos and makes you feel like you are in Europe. 
Another great thing to do in Miami is explore the many local Latin American restaurants in the city. Miami has a large population of Latin American people, primarily Cuban. There are many different exotic restaurants to choose from.  
And if it isn’t obvious, definitely go to the beach. Miami’s beaches are well known around the world for their clear blue water and soft sand. 
Lastly, definitely check out the nightlife; Miami has a few of the best nightclubs in the world with world famous DJ’s playing every single night.


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