Poof Apparel’s 2024 Trend Report

At Poof Apparel, we make it our business to know what the up-and-coming trends are. December is a natural time to reflect on what’s to come, so we surveyed the digital landscape and picked out our top 5 trends for 2024!

80’s Revival

Even the least fashion-minded person would have noticed the Y2K influence that hit the runway and the streets this past year. The funny thing is, time always has a way of coming back around. While 2023 enjoyed ‘90s and ‘00’s influence, next year will have a distinctly 1980’s feel. Think big moto jackets, puffy sleeves, electric blue eyeliner, and big hair. 

Cowboy Gothic

We have to agree with Pinterest on this one. Next year, #Cowboycore will have a darker edge – think boot spurs and snakeskin. The visual language will be that of typical western wear, but with a more ornamental and slightly gloomy flair.

Ultra-Femme Details

For the cottagecore girlies out there, the farm-chic look will take on a more homemade aesthetic. We’re talking true granny vintage: quilts, bows, and doilies adding feminine touches to outfits everywhere. You’ll see this come up in lacey sweater patterns later in the year, but if you want to get ahead of the curve hit up your local craft store!


How can the act of relaxing be boiled down to a single aesthetic? By doing it as over-the-top as possible, of course! Next year people will be flaunting the high-life no matter the season, with tennis skirts, hair hibiscuses, slinky posh dresses, Après-Ski Chic, and even sunscreen-scented perfume. Vacationcore will hit full force in June, causing you to question who on your timeline is actually working and who’s truly in Antigua.

Musician Trendsetting

Musicians have long-since been harbingers of fashion, but in 2024 their power will reach the next level. This will follow the fanaticism of Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s record-breaking world tours. When looking for style cues, pay attention to the details on red carpets and in music videos. Metallics, bold makeup, shimmer – these stars often get tips even before the big magazines. When in doubt, grab your Beatle Boots – the classics never fail!

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