Refreshing Spring Cocktails to Make in April

Toast to Spring with these 3 refreshing, seasonal cocktails.

Chamomile, Whiskey, and Honey Cocktail

Via Broma Bakery this recipe is a fun twist on a classic hot toddy. It’s elegant, delicious, and, best of all, ultra-boozy.

Coastal Orange Blossom Gin

Embrace the new season with this ever-so-addicting drink, courtesy of Justine Celena. As she notes, it’s the “the perfect accompaniment to a light spring lunch, garden party, birthday party or shower.”

Raspberry Peach Champagne

Peach vodka, raspberry syrup, and some bubbly combine to create a seriously addicting concoction. Hats off to A Tipsy Giraffe for this oh-so-clever recipe.

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