Summer Bucket List: 5 Fantastic Things You Can Still Do This Summer

While your original summer plans may have been ruined by current events, that doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to the best days of the year. Big social get-togethers such as concerts, festivals, and parades have already been cancelled, but there are still plenty of ways you can do something both exciting and new (and take tons of glamorous Instagram pictures while you do it). Here are five, inexpensive activities you can do this summer while staying safe and socially distant!


There are more than enough hiking trails in the US to go around, and this summer, you can safely venture into your local wilderness. Take your outdoor adventure a step further by camping off trail (never been camping before? Now’s the perfect time to start!


Whether you’re lucky enough to have a whole backyard to yourself or just a few potted plants, gardening is both uplifting and a great excuse to embrace the sunshine. Take your game a step further by growing vegetables (and save yourself a trip to the market)!

Focus on Yourself

Pick a skill – any skill – and the odds are you can learn it on the Internet. Have you ever wanted to play an instrument? Or learn how to trim your own hair? Make this the summer of self-improvement.


If hiking is a little too extreme for you, picnics involve embracing the outdoors at a much more relaxed pace. Plus, there’s food! Wear your favorite outfit and gather your closest friends for a private day of delicious bites – and maybe even some wine.

Get Fit

Quarantine and social distancing might make you feel like you’re slacking on your fitness game. Not to mention, gyms also being closed. But don’t fret: There are still plenty of ways to work out! If you already have a regimen, try some new exercises or take up a whole new avenue of fitness altogether, such as yoga.

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