Summer Party Essentials

Tan. Party. Repeat — that is our motto this summer. Make it your motto too with these summer party essentials.

  • Meri Meri Star Pattern Balloons

Up the glam at your party with insta-worthy oversized balloons

  • Mini Watermelon Pinata

Snacks and treats are a must.  Going with theme of childhood classics, Fla-Vor-Ice is a summer time classic and trust us, it’s still delicious and refreshing. If you’re not looking to relieve your childhood, popcorn is always our go-to party snack.

There’s no chiller way to party than with ice luge

Got game? We do! “If You Had To…” is an easy choice for any party — although deciding on your answers to the game’s questions is more of a challenge!

Beer pong? That’s for the college crowd. Go for a more “classy” version with Prosecco Pong. Keep your pinkies up when you shoot ladies

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