Summer’s Hot List ~ Europe’s top 5 destinations

Summer’s in Europe never go unnoticed. In the age of social media, certain locations have become the hot spots for influencers. Part of the reason these 5 locations made the top of the list is for scenery and ambience. The perfect place to take some photos but also have a good time.

In fifth place, we have Ibiza; it is well known for its nightclubs and beautiful beaches. You can say it is the Vegas of Europe. Although, the island’s government is working towards creating a family environment as well for tourists.



In fourth place, Saint-Tropez Island is a bit of an expensive trip but definitely worth it. It is one of the busiest coastal cities throughout the summer. It is located along the French Riviera and is only a short drive from Nice or Cannes, making a perfect Euro tour stop!



In third place we have Sardinia, known for its clear and pristine water. It is the second largest in the Mediterranean, frequented by social lights during the late summer. The beauty and calmness of this island is what has made it a top destination to visit.



In second place, we have Capri, a beautiful Italian island known for its incredible rock formations and clear blue water. Over the years, Capri has gotten more traction for its natural beauty, cuisine, and world-class shopping experience. There’s a reason why so many famous people anchor their yachts in Marina Grande!



In the first place we have the one and only…Mykonos Island! It’s hard to have a single day in the summer without seeing a picture of Mykonos on social media. It is loved by many for offering a party scene but also a relaxing family atmosphere. It has been popular with the rich and famous since the 1960’s but today it is frequented by travelers from all over the world.



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