The Key Ingredients of Minimalist 90’s Makeup

Try as we might, the glamorous 90’s will always come back in some way or another. While last year was all about big windbreakers and Y2K crop top, this season is bringing back the 90’s in a different way, with the iconic, naturally-beautiful makeup trends of that decade taking center stage. If you’re interested in exploring the roaring 90’s in your makeup routine, here are the core elements to consider:

Brown Lipstick 
Add a little glow to your lips with a deep rosy lip stain – the preferred shade of high-powered ladies!

Via Sephora

Dusty Blue Eyeshadow
This angelic shade was the harbinger of the electric blues and greens to come in the following decade – and perhaps that’s why there’s something so timeless about it.


Via Dior

Bronzer, Not Blush
For the 90’s look, skip the pink cheeks and opt for a natural, tanned glow in a bronzer a few shades warmer and darker than your natural skin tone.


Via Sephora

Thin Eyebrows
If we remember anything about the 90’s, it’s the ultra-thin eyebrows. Only go for this look if it suits you, and remember to maintain your shape with a natural shade of eyebrow pencil!


Via Ulta

Grunge Girl
Alternatively, pivot from all of the above and take on a different trend from the last decade of the century, with fully black, goth-inspired eyeshadow.


Via Amazon

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