The Shine of Siren Eyes

In the same way colors have an impact on your moods, makeup definitely has a mystic effect. This is probably how the current siren eyes makeup trend came into being all over the Internet. Sirens were mythological  beings who were said to have a special shine just like  this makeup will create on you! 

These eyeshadows are putting your eyes in the spotlight whether you are seeking it or not. Using makeup has never been so deep, take a look!

These are the steps:

  1. First, grab your favorite black pencil eyeliner.
  2. Use the same pencil liner or black liquid liner to apply a small line from the inner corner across the lash line just to wear your lashes start
  3. Then, flick downwards and extend the inner corner. You might need to clean this up too. 
  4. Be sure to keep the middle of your upper lash line free of any eyeliner. You can get creative with another neutral shadow shade over the black line and under the lash line or just skip right to mascara. 
  5. Be sure to focus on the outer lashes for that sultry look.





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