Top 5 Manicure Trends for Summer

A year out from the Summer of Barbie, this spring is all about soft, natural shades that last a long time and complement a variety of outfits. We’re talking elegant neutrals, sultry skin tones, and just a bit of shimmer. The great thing about manicures is that you can constantly change your color, but still – it helps to know where to start. Here are our top 5 predictions for late spring and early summer!

Rainy Day Gray
Quiet, elegant, and intellectual

Via Olive + June

Circus Ochre
Vivid, sunny, and unexpected


Via Hermes

Baby Pink
Classic, alluring, and delicate


Via Cirque Colors

Dusky Blue
Mystical, eye-catching, and oceanic


Via Etsy

Fruit Basket
Playful, maximalist, and flirty

Via Etsy

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