“Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal. It’s my most capable looking outfit!”

Did you really think the enduring fashions of Clueless wouldn’t return to the runways, streets, and racks? As if! 2018 is the year you can totally rock these looks. Here are some of our favorite Clueless looks that will never leave you “ensembly challenged”

If there is one iconic look from Clueless, it’s Cher’s head-to-toe yellow plaid look. Luckily, plaid is still going strong this season. You can find yellow plaid in crop top bras, cute tye tops, spaghetti strap  dresses and even platform shoes.

To say we’re still obsessed with Cher’s iconic party look is an understatement. The crepe neck bodycon dress kills it paired with chunky heels or sneakers.

Not even gym glass could stop the ladies of Clueless from wearing something fab. Pair stretch jersey shorts (or skirt) with a white tee topped with a cropped black mini tank. Finish the look with some white reeboks.

Mini skirts, and knee socks were a staple of the style queen’s closet. Pair with Mary Jane’s or chunky boots to to complete the look. Don’t forget to top you look off with a black beret. Long may this style reign.

When at school, Cher was never seen without her fuzzy pink pen. Take this trend further with puff ball hoops from dadybones.com or a fun iPhone fluff faux fur case. If your looking to “go big” with fuzzy, a faux fur Kate Spade backpack should do.

Accessorize your look with a mini backpack and luckily these are making a comeback as well. There are tons of styles to choose from


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