5 Simple Self-Care Tips for a Happier Spring

Here, we round up 5 easy and mindful ideas for creating a fool-proof self-care routine.

Clear some clutter every day.
It’s no secret that studies have linked cluttered environments with stress and lower self-control (think: grabbing that snack on the counter when you’re not even hungry). Once a day – every day – try spending 20 minutes or so to get rid of the overflow of clothing, mail, or general ~things~ to improve your sense of well-being.

Shower with cold water.
We know, we know: sounds painful. Still, studies have found that switching to cold water for 30 seconds can provide you with an enormous burst of energy as your body tries to conserve heat and kicks your circulation into gear. What’s more, one study even found that icy temperatures help release endorphins, resulting in an antidepressant effect.

 Take a stroll during your lunch break. 
Time and time again research has proved that a 15-minute midday walk boosts concentration and energy throughout the workday. Not to mention, exercise may regulate blood flow to the portions of the brain that are associated with memory, cognition and language/speech processing.

Drink more water.
As we all know, the body needs fluids to maintain proper functioning, and dehydration leads to all sorts of terrible consequences: constipation, dizziness, confusion, and low blood pressure, to name a few. Pro tip: Be sure to constantly refill your water bottle every hour.  

Channel your inner yogi.
Want to boost your mood and improve your memory? Breathe like a yogi. No, seriously: Studies suggest that 20 minutes of yoga breathing can provide you with a variety of positive outcomes, including a better mood and memory. Per Good Housekeeping: “Try this alternate-nostril technique: Make an L with your right thumb and first finger; take a deep breath; press the right side of your nose with your thumb to block your right nostril; exhale; inhale through your left nostril; block your left nostril and release the right; exhale; inhale. Switch sides; repeat.”

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