5 Ways to Make a Margarita

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo weekend – and the impending arrival of summer – with margaritas! The classic marg recipe begins with about two ounces of blanco tequila, the juice of a whole lime, a splash of triple sec liqueur, and of course a salted rim. It’s hard to beat this simple combo, but sometimes you want a little more! Here are our suggestions for margaritas that go beyond. 

Blend up a whole mango (minus the seed, of course), then add some OJ! A tablespoon of grenadine will bring some extra sweetness, and sink to the bottom creating an aesthetic sunsetty effect. Finish with orange liqueur and garnish with jalapeño slices for a bit of kick!

For a cosmopolitan look without the cosmopolitan, try this marg recipe with an Italian twist. Swap triple sec for amaretto, then garnish with cherries skewered on a toothpick. Pro tip: pre-frost your glass by sticking it in the freezer while you mix your drink!

You can’t go wrong with a bunch of berries in the summertime. Swap in your favorite fruits and play with herbal pairings. Ginger raspberry, blueberry mint, pineapple coconut, and red pepper strawberry are all great options. Then, blend with ice and enjoy frozen.

Nothing says “ooh la la,” like a stick of rosemary on fire! This recipe calls for polished ingredients like grapefruit juice and hibiscus syrup. Add some smoked herbs for an effect worthy of Instagram. Finally, swap tequila for mezcal, the slightly-earthier elevated cousin to tequila.

Hot beach days absolutely call for this zippy, refreshing margarita twist. Mix a splash of lemon with minced basil and a dash of chili lime spice. Then, add a shot of Blue Curacao for an electric Caribbean look. Garnish with a cucumber slice, and sip your way to relaxation.

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