7 Lace Pieces, From Girly to Gothic

Lace-adorned apparel is an excellent option for spooky season, when lace-up corsets and goth-chic pieces come to mind. But lace can have many diverse applications, and it’s up to you to incorporate it into your style how you please! Go classic with a zip-up, clasp, or bodycon corset, or opt for an eyelet pattern for a more cottagecore vibe. When in doubt, accessories are always an option, and a little lace trim as a choker or on your socks goes a long way to add a touch of sweetness! Here are a few of our favorite pieces this season to get you inspired.

Little Black Corset

Petticoat Blouse

Via Free People

Funky Lace Crop Top

Via HM

Backless Lace Slip Dress

Via Victoria’s Secret

Lace Accessories


Via Cider


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