7 Late Spring Outfits for Day and Night

Dressing for late spring is doubly difficult, because you have to prepare for the heat of the day and the sudden chill of the evening. With all that to keep in mind, it’s hard to prioritize looking cute on top of it all! At Poof, we’re working to combat that defeatist attitude. Here are some great ways to be ready for anything this season!

Long Skirts
For those days where you need some extra coverage, but just can’t stand to wear pants again.

Light Jackets
Blazers, motos, and fringe coats are fashion’s answer to springtime. Opt for light materials like satin and cotton so that your extra layer is warm, but not too hot. 

Tights & Stockings
A great way to gain some extra warmth and elevate your outfit at the same time! 

Pop of Fabulous
Reclaim the springtime spirit by adding bright colors to your otherwise wintery outfit. You can stay comfortable while still invoking sunshine in a palate of whites, yellows, and vivid greens!

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