Aesthetic Pleasing Picnic Trend

More than ever, we live in a visual world: people look for activities that are aesthetically pleasing for pictures. We have created an environment in which aesthetics and visuals play a critical role. It’s all about getting that million dollar shot for Instagram.

One afternoon, as I walked through Central Park in New York, I saw the most beautiful picnic straight out of a magazine. Which made me think…how much work does it actually take to make one of these happen? It was obvious there was some serious planning in the design and color coding of the whole thing. The picnics had beautiful flowers, blankets and pillows. A few minutes later, a woman came up to me and gave me a business card. On the card, there was an Instagram page and website that showed the different kinds of picnics and their prices. Some went up to $1,000 putting them in the luxury category.

Ironically, these picnics are now very common on social media. They are set on beaches and parks as celebrations for birthdays, engagements among others. It is quite a brilliant idea to bring something so simple to the level of luxury and comfort people want in 2022. The environment provides for the perfect content creating opportunity for Instagrammers. They create a sense of “FOMO” for those watching scrolling through their phones pass these beautiful picture perfect moments. But would I pay $250 a person to sit outside in a beautiful picnic just to get a picture? The answer is yes! Because these elaborate picnics are so magical, who wouldn’t want the experience. Plus, it is something new and different from just going to dinner at a fancy restaurant with your friends. You get to enjoy fresh air and warm weather in an unusual setting in a common area.

If you are in the mood for an extravagant lavish picnic there are many options for you. You can try to create your own… Although that might take a plethora of planning and making. Nevertheless, if you have the budget and don’t want to spend the time planning, find one of these picnic luxury planning services and get your content!




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