Mermaidcore Made Casual: Classroom Looks for the Siren Within You

Low Rise Jeans
Want to evoke a mermaid tail without buying a costume? Light wash low-rise flare jeans are the way to do it! The color and shape add a sultry element to any outfit without going – excuse us for the pun – overboard.





Netted Textures
“Shipwreck” style textures are perfect for achieving that siren-in-distress look. Loose crochet knits in blues, greens, or neutrals are comfortable, chic, and perfect for layering.





Pearl Accessories
For a sweet and subtle touch of mermaidcore, opt for pearl accessories! Freshwater pearls with natural shapes work especially well for the aesthetic, and pairing them with seaglass-style beading elevates the look even more.





Sparkle & Shine
From makeup to body glitter to metallic fabrics, there are plenty of opportunities to add shimmer to an outfit!





SB2K23 Tote: Must-Have Items for Spring Break!

Bathing suit? Check. Sunglasses? Got em. Towel? Of course! 
You’ve already got your basic Spring Break packing list, so we’re just here to remind you of a few key items you may have forgotten. 

Disposable or Digital Camera
Move over, iPhone! These options will provide a delightfully retro look, and your memories won’t be lost in the backlog of photos stored in the Cloud. Just remember to turn the flash off while you’re at the beach!





Cute Mini Cooler



Gone are the days of waiting in line for $20 hot dogs. Be prepared to party with one of these adorable mini coolers – perfectly sized for a few drinks and your favorite snacks!

Gorgeous Cover Up
Channel goddess energy in one of these ethereal cover up dresses. They’re a great option for walks along the pier, and they’ll provide some variety among your many bikini photos!


Trendy Hat
Gotta protect your noggin’ from the sun! Straw hats are back, and bucket hats are back-er, so you’ve got options! Pro tip: dip in water before wearing it for a much-needed cooldown.


You knew we had to say it. No spring break trip is complete without sunscreen– and lots of it! Get a version that actually smells good and feels good so you’re inclined to wear it. The extra bucks are worth avoiding a burn!


How to Dress Like Your Favorite Hopeless Romantic

Let’s face it, we all want our life to be like the movies: meet-cute, minor conflict, resolution, happily ever after. Unfortunately, this is the real world, where it’s really expensive to hire a band to follow you around and play the soundtrack to your life. 

But you know what they say! Dress for the life you want, not the one you’ve got. Here are some styling tips straight from the silver screen, featuring your favorite romantic comedy heroines.

Sally from When Harry Met Sally

Sally opts for classy outfits with playful details. Though her accessories are certainly professional, they’ve all got an outsized flair: big ascot, big glasses, big hair. She’s the ultimate ‘80s girlboss!




Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean’s style is slightly twee– in a good way! Headbands, plaid, and bows are all staples of prep style, but the bright colors add an element of quirkiness. It’s the perfect balance for a hopeless romantic.



Lisa from Coming to America

In true ‘80s fashion, Lisa rocks simple colors and bold accessories. None of her outfits are overwhelmed by detail, so we’re able to focus on her natural beauty. And that perfect denim jacket is a must!



Bianca and Kat 10 Things I Hate About You

Sisters Bianca and Kat each have a different approach to ‘90s style. Bianca opts for sweet prints and fun symbols, while Kat’s outfits have a totally cool and tomboy-ish quality. This movie includes too many iconic fashion moments to include here, so for the extended crash course on #RomComCore, just watch the full film!



7 Platform Sneaker Looks We Love

Platform sneakers are the perfect shoe for spring: they’ve got a lift that elevates any outfit, and they’re comfortable enough for everyday wear. Once solely the shoes of sportsmen, platforms are now ubiquitous enough that they can be worn casually or dressed up for a fashionable statement! With so many options, it’s difficult to pick just one platform sneaker look. So we didn’t– we picked 7!

From low-key to maximalist, from preppy to athletic, here are some ‘fits we’re absolutely loving!

Via @vivianeaudi


Via @rosedumpling



Via @twin8ee


Via @marymargaretboud


Via @thektmille


Via @_tokyo_bopper



March Style Horoscopes

Aries: You’re buzzing with anticipation as your birthday fast approaches, but remember, it’s not your time to shine yet. Share the spotlight by making fashion a collaborative activity: go shopping with a friend, gift your sister some old hand-me-downs, or plan a matching outfit with your bestie. You’ll feel much more aligned when you enter the new year with strong connections.

Taurus: Tauruses are extremely powerful manifestors, and you’re planning something big right now. Channel that same focused energy towards your wardrobe. Or, to put it simply: dress for the job you want! This is your sign to go wild.

Gemini: Mars remains in Gemini for the better part of March, so you’re feeling very high energy. Just make sure your excitement doesn’t turn into another spending spree. Make a Thrift Wish List: a few key items you’d love to find used or vintage. Then unleash at your local consignment store– with all that energy, you’re sure to find a few things you’re looking for!

Cancer: Mars enters Cancer on March 25th, so plenty of motivation and energy is coming your way. Prepare for the influx by making sure your home space is settled– skip clothing shopping this month and get something gorgeous to christen your bedroom, like a tapestry or painting.

Leo: As the sun comes out, you’re feeling more and more like yourself again. It’s time to prepare for spring in the most classic Leo way possible. Treat yourself to a spa day, complete with a facial, haircut, blowout, and a few little accessory presents to yourself along the way!

Virgo:You’re gunning for a change, Virgo, and it’s going to be a big one. But slow down for one second: before you get that new tattoo, piercing, or life-changing haircut, invest in an article of clothing that would complement it. How do you feel after wearing that item for a week? If you feel great, it’s go time, baby! Make the appointment!

Libra: You have the power of vision, and that power always feels strongest at the beginning of a season. Make a big purchase on the Spring Equinox– something elegant and adaptable, like a long silk slip dress or a canvas jumpsuit. Then, set intentions by the light of the New Moon.

Scorpio: Though winter was a wonderful season for you, it’s almost time for the jackets to go into storage. Ease the transition by planning a few farewell-to-winter outfits, showcasing your favorite fleeces and flannels. Then, trade the longer layers for some cropped cardigans in your favorite color other than black.

Sagittarius: You’re an incredible friend and most likely the glue of your social group, but this month it’s time to prioritize yourself a bit! Step into the spotlight with a top, jacket, or jumpsuit in a bright metallic shade. Your pals will see your power in a newfound light and affirm the star that you are.

Capricorn: Lately you’ve been getting bogged down by the details. While your well-informed perspective is certainly an asset, it’s time to go easy on yourself. Plan out a few super minimalist outfits. It will feel good to shed some layers and return to the basics for a long-needed reset.

Aquarius: After the birthday celebrations, you’re tempted to withdraw again into your hermit ways. Resist the urge– your creative individuality is needed now more than ever! A brightly patterned vintage poncho will broadcast your talents while still protecting your energy.

Pisces: Do you feel it? Something big is coming for you, Pisces. After three years in Aquarius, Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th. Having the planet of authority, discipline, and routine in your sign is a very powerful thing indeed. Mark the change with an equally powerful investment piece, like a job interview outfit or jewelry featuring your birthstone for extra magic.

February Style Horoscopes from Poof Apparel

Ah February: a delightfully short month signaling the end of winter. It’s the first time in a long time that no major planets are in retrograde, which means you’re probably feeling strong momentum in all areas of your life. All the hubbub of January– resolutions, travels, new routines– is finally setting and you’re ready to make 2023 the best year yet. For tips on how to dress for what is sure to be a successful month, read on.
– Madame Esmerelda, resident Poof astrologer

Aries: Jupiter is still in Aries, and you’re feeling the heat! You’re highly conscious of your upcoming birthday, and ready to invest in the girlboss of your heart. This month, lean into the element of yourself which makes you feel most powerful. Envision yourself at the top of your game: career, romance, social, or otherwise. What are you wearing? Snake boots, an embroidered fire top, and huge statement jewelry? Alright, wear it girl! 

Taurus: With the first hint of spring on the forecast this month, you’re finally beginning to stir from your hibernation. You love intentionality, and adjusting your routines with the flow of the seasons is a great way to be deliberate. Answer the wake-up call and get some comfy and cute athleisure. A nice new pair of workout leggings will give you just the inspiration you need to start moving again!

Gemini: Mars remains in Gemini through the month, and boy are you feeling it! Your naturally social nature is elevated by the planet of action. What to do with all this energy? Throw a party of course! Aside from Valentine’s day, February is a bit of a dead-zone for holidays, so let your creativity shine and throw an elaborately themed costume party. Then, hit up the vintage shops and let the dress-up begin! 

Cancer: You’ve been enjoying winter solitude, and sheltering in the comforts of your home shielded you from the very worst of Mercury retrograde. But now, the planet of socializing is out of the shadows and old friends are calling! Start simple and restock on spring basics: neutral-colored vests, light-fabric long-sleeves, and a nice pair of everyday jeans. It’s time to get out there!

Leo: Planetarily speaking, there’s not much going on for you this month. Take this as the universe’s cue to give yourself a brief reprieve from the limelight. On February 5th, the full moon in Leo will reveal where your focus should lie. While you wait for direction, maintain what you already have by buying accessories that will take your wardrobe to the next level.

Virgo: Your keen foresight and organization serves you especially well at the beginning of the year. You’ve long-since gotten your impulse-purchase habit under control, and your budgeting skills are enviable. So this month, treat yourself the Virgo way! Research some slow fashion companies and select a piece that you’re super excited about. It may not arrive right away, but when it does you’ll reap the rewards of your stylish, well-researched taste. 

Libra: Forget the planets: it’s runway season, and you’ve been eating it up! Your air sign spirit delights in the fresh, diverse looks predicted for 2023. Just remember to check in with yourself: yes, it may all be shiny, but what do you actually like? Pay attention to the designers you naturally gravitate towards and fold those looks into your style. And remember, when it comes to vintage designerwear, eBay is your friend!

Scorpio: As the dark and moody sign of the zodiac, you’re known to wear a lot of black. And who could blame you; it’s a great color! But these days, it seems like even the normies are donning darkness. You’re ready to differentiate with *deep breath* a pop of color. Take an online seasonal color analysis quiz to see what colors suit you, and take the first step with something small in that shade, like a scarf, necklace, or top.

Sagittarius: After a fun season of vacation, travel, and winter sports, you’re feeling a little stuffy being back at work. Hey, no one prefers fluorescence to the great outdoors, but the office doesn’t have to be so bad! Get yourself some glam workwear that makes you feel like yourself, even at the desk. High-end cargo pants, a canvas jumpsuit, or some futuristic new glasses may do just the trick. 

Capricorn: Mercury remains in Capricorn until February 11th, then it’s in the strange waters of Aquarius for the rest of the month. Take a double-pronged approach to the planet of communication: do all your shopping early in the month, curating the vibe you want to project. Then, after the 11th, take a chance and get something out of your comfort zone: a see-through top, patterned pants, or something ~scandalous~

Aquarius: ‘Tis your season! All eyes are on you this month, and while usually you like to remain aloof and mysterious, you’re reveling in the birthday attention right now. Though people might think your style is a little “out there,” it’s choices like yours that set trends for the year to come! Consider widening your reach by posting outfit pics on Insta, or OOTD’s on Tik Tok. Taking a moment to explain your unique choices might help people rise to your level of fun.

Pisces: With your birthday on the horizon, Valentine’s day coming soon, and romantic Venus in your sign, you’re positively glowing. This year is all about making your fantasies come true, and it’s time to start dressing like it. Whether it’s princess posh, mermaid core, or scary goth, embrace your innermost mythical creature by pairing lavish fabrics with over-the-top accessories. And be on the lookout for the new moon on the 19th, which will bring guidance on achieving inner peace! 

Mini Bags are the Next Big Trend

Gone are the days of the oversized tote. Well, maybe not completely (how else are you going to lug around your laptop, book, planner, and emotional support terrier?). But next time you’re heading out to meet friends or run a quick errand, you might want one of these trendy mini-bags on hand. Just big enough for your phone, keys, and a few important cards, these little bags are the perfect on-the-go accessories. And with prints and textures as darling as these, you can even style your outfit to match! Spring is feeling lighter already. Here are some of our favorite looks:

Sensory Details
Featuring Mark Cross and Medea
Add some jangle to your step with a chain-adorned bag, or opt for feathers and fringe. Just prepare for everyone to ask, “Do you mind if I pet your bag?”



Precious Cargo
Featuring Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney
Sleek metals are the new neutral. Spice it up with total bedazzlement, or go chic with sleek German chain link. For precious cargo at half the price, don’t forget to check eBay!



Plush Touch
Featuring Gucci and Celine
For a luxurious feel, a mini bag made of plush fabric is a way to go. Don’t stop with a Canadian tuxedo– pair with a denim bag, belt, and earrings to boot. Oh yeah, and boots!



We ❤️ Fun Shapes
Featuring ALAÏA
Just because ‘tis the season, we’ve got to feature this gorgeous leather heart bag. 
Y2K style is all about exaggerated literal detail, so this purse *is* the moment.

Easy Valentine’s Day Appetizers To Cook Before Going Out

Via Hunger for Spice

So you want to show off to your new boo, but you don’t want to commit to making a five-course meal from scratch. Easy! Dazzle your date with one of these delicious appetizers before going out to dinner. An elevated pregame will set an intimate and romantic tone for your evening, and your date will be properly impressed by your gourmet skills. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone how easy these recipes are 😉

Baked Brie
For a low-effort luxury, baked brie is your best friend. Pick up a ceramic brie baker, or just use parchment paper. Slice the top off of a wheel of brie, then spread jam and honey over the opening. Garnish with thyme sprigs, then bake at 350°F for 15-20 minutes. Serve with crackers or sliced apples for an extra bite of deliciousness!

Mushroom Poppers
For these easy and filling quick bites, mix cream cheese, chopped jalepeño, and bacon bits. Stuff into cremini mushrooms, then top with parmesan and bread crumbs. Bake at 375°F for 40 minutes, then serve with chives or green onion for garnish!

Asparagus Crescents
If you’ve got some time to kill, you can create the crescents from scratch by layering puff pastry sheets on with butter. OR, just pick up some pre-made dough! Cook asparagus in a skillet with shallots, then stuff into dough along with ham, parmesan, or other tasty vegetables. Cook according to the directions on the dough package and enjoy!

Candied Nuts
If you’re just looking for something to munch on while you get ready (and while your date waits) these candied nuts are the snack for you. In a non-stick skillet, heat ¼ a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of butter, and a cup of pecans or walnuts. Use a rubber spatula to coat the nuts evenly with that sugary goodness, then cool on a baking sheet for 15 minutes before serving. This is just a base layer, so once you’ve tried it out, experiment with adding cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus zest, or even bourbon! 

Mediterranean Skewers
These colorful little skewers make the perfect mini meal, and serve as a great appetizer for an Italian or Mediterranean dinner. Using extra-long toothpicks, pierce small mozzarella balls, sundried tomato slices, cooked tortellini, and olives, then season lightly with salt and pepper. The best part about this recipe? Basically all the ingredients are store-bought, so the artistry is all in the presentation. 

Via Recipe Tin Eats

2023 is the Year of the Pink Renaissance

Earlier this year, Pantone announced “Viva Magenta” as the official color of 2023. If you’ve been anywhere near the internet, you’ve likely heard “Y2K” mentioned more times than, well, Y2K. Mermaidcore is super in, and of course, we can’t forget about Valentine’s Day.

If you made a Venn diagram out of all of these trends, what would they have in common? PINK. Bright, warm, romantic, and nostalgic, this classic color is coming back in a big way. Whether you’re a veritable Elle Woods, a pink-curious grunge gal, or you’ve been living in sweatpants since 2020, you’ve got options for incorporating pink into your wardrobe.

To celebrate the Pink Renaissance, here are some of our favorite pink looks from this winter’s runway season. Remember to scroll to the bottom for our official commentary!

Via Versace


Via Aitor Rosas Suńe


Via Aliétte

Via Acne Studios


Via Valentino


Via Carolina Herrera

Via Valentino


Via Rodarte


Via Rodarte

The Poof Apparel Roundup:

It looks like Valentino may have had some insider knowledge about Pantone’s color of the year, but we’re also excited about the ultra-romantic blush pink that’s featured all over the runway! Aliétte wowed us with the lime green color combo, showing that pink opens a world of possibilities for fun color-blocking. Rodarte doesn’t miss a beat with incorporating glamorous set design into their showcase, and as always, we’re looking to Paris for the next move!

How to Style Leg Warmings (Without Going Totally Retro)

Leg warmers: you’re not alone if the first thing that comes to mind is the 1980s. But with chunky boots, moto buckles, and slouchy fabrics hitting big on the runway this season, leg warmers promise to feature prominently in spring fashion this year. Here are some styling ideas that won’t make your outfit look like a high school spirit week throwback day– we promise!

The standard leg warmer features a knit fabric and cozy colors. If you’re going classic, just pair with a modern shoe trend like the ballet flat or Converse for some edge factor!

Via Miu Miu


Via Gathered

Nothing is safe from the denim trend this year, and leg warmers are no exception. Who knows how long these will be in style, so do it on the cheap by cutting up an old pair of jeans!

Via Refinery 29

For a more modern take on the fabric, opt for a bold choice. Built-in spiky leg warmers like these seen on the Dominnico runway scream “Stay away, I’m too cool for you!” On the other end of the spectrum, these puffer warmers are super sweet and will definitely keep you warm!

Via Dominnico


Via W.Concept

Modern Grunge is Here, Now What To Wear?

Style experts have declared that the 2000s are back, which means ‘90s fashion is alt, which means that if you want to look cool in 2023 grunge is where it’s at. Remember, grunge is anticapitalist at heart, so the less you buy for this trend, the better. Here are our recommendations on incorporating grunge no matter what your current wardrobe looks like.

Modern Grunge for the Clean Gurl – Ok girlboss, you want to be hip but still keep up with your skincare routine? Here’s how to go light on grunge: baggy denim, white button-down, and a black jacket. Try and muster up some chain jewelry to bring up the edge factor, then listen to Nirvana as you hype up for Monday’s all-call meeting.

Modern Grunge for Washed-Up Hipster – With that beanie hair, this one will be easy for you! Whip out the old Doc Martens, your favorite dark-colored flannel, and as many band t-shirts as you can find. Then, put on some Stone Temple Pilots and get ready to relive your glory days.

Modern Grunge for Cottagecore Princess – We see what happened: somebody told you you can’t keep wearing white after labor day and now you’re in search of a completely new identity. No worries, we’ll meet you in the middle! Keep your long floral skirt (the darker the better). You’re going to pair that with a baggy sweater, clip back your dainty necklace to choker-length, and top the whole thing with a distressed plaid blanket. That’s the look, now go play some Soundgarden as you give your homestead farm a sound bath!

Modern Grunge for the Person Who Still Shops at Hot Topic – Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’. And for a music rec, you tell us!

Short Hair Styles for the Return of Y2K

So you just got an ultra-short haircut for the new year, right before you heard about the full-force comeback of Y2K! Fear not, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the looks of the early 2000s. Here’s Poof Apparel’s three-step guide on selecting the perfect style for you– straight from 2002.

1. Select your length.
Nevermind the decade trend, your baseline haircut should be whatever is most flattering to you. Determine your face shape using a handy chart, then choose a length that best brings out your natural beauty! A shoulder-length lob, blunt bob, pixie, and buzz cut are all great options.

2. Select your layers.
Here’s where you can start to get creative. Depending on your relationship with your forehead, blunt bangs might be the move. Or go for some classic ‘00s “antennae,” framing your face with two wisps from either side. 

3. Select your accessories!
In truth, accessories are really what determines the official “Y2K-ness” of your hair. Butterfly clips, chunky highlights, or clip-in colors will automatically transport you to an Avril Lavigne concert (early era, of course). For a more subtle reference, try out hair crimping, bubble braids, space buns, or two high pigtails. If beaded boxed braids are appropriate to your culture, go for it! And for those whose hair is too short to adorn, you’re in luck: technology of the future has made butterfly clip earrings a thing.

Via @alexppeters

Via Super Melanin

Via Buzzfeed

5 Yummy Smoothies to Start the Year Right

Smoothies: they’re no secret. A great on-the-go breakfast that’s easy to prep and easy to love. And with so many different recipes out there, it’s easy to find a smoothie that will help you start the new year feeling great! Here are our suggestions for five excellent simple smoothies. Adapt and add to them as you please!

PB & Protein
If you’re resolved to make some #gains this year, a protein-packed smoothie may be right for you. Mix a banana, honey, peanut butter, and ice cubes with milk or yogurt, then blend in some chocolate flavored protein powder for good measure. Heavy lifting, here you come!

Spiced Strawberry Banana
No one’s a stranger to this classic: fresh strawberries, a frozen banana, and milk = days of deliciousness! But for a special twist, add cinnamon and just a liiiiittle bit of cayenne pepper. Trust, it’s mind-bogglingly good.

Vitamin Chi
If you’re trying to achieve a nutrition-packed diet in 2023, look no further than this smoothie. With oat milk, blueberries, honey, chia seeds, and just a handful of almonds, this drink will keep you sharp and satisfied throughout the day. 

Detox Elixir
We all have big dreams for the new year, but let’s not forget it’s also party season! For days you’ll remember (after nights you won’t forget), try this fresh, cleansing combo: coconut water, ice, ginger juice, lime, and a mild frozen fruit like peaches or watermelon. 

Citrus Party
What better way to fight the cold season than with a healthy (and yummy) dose of vitamin C? Start with orange juice, almond milk, and a whole peeled mango– bougie, we know, but the sweetness will effortlessly blend with what you’re about to add next: spinach, lemon juice, and a shot of turmeric! Your sinuses will thank you! 

Via Sweet Pea Chef


Announcing: Style Horoscopes from Poof Apparel!

With the rise of Tik Tok, it can seem like the style cycle is spinning at an impossible pace. Microtrends, influencer fads, seasonal changes: it’s hard to keep up with! To help you break through the noise, Poof Apparel is introducing monthly style horoscopes. By closely tracking planetary orbits and cross-referencing notes with industry greats like Susan Miller and the Astro Poets, Poof Apparel’s resident astrologer Madame Esmerelda delivers monthly insights on how to align your style with the stars. 

January Style Horoscopes, by Madame Esmerelda

Aries: With Jupiter in Aries until mid-May, this is your time to shine! Jupiter’s orbit brings you luck and sheds light on the path you’ll follow for years to follow. So when it comes to style, now’s the time to invest! Envision the person you’d like to be 10 years down the line and shop for them. We’re talking fitted blazers, cashmere scarves, and fancy pants! The world is your oyster, so go get some pearls!

Gemini: People say you’re two-faced, but we know that’s just a bitter way of framing your talent for adapting– and thriving! You’re able to create fresh outfits without ever hitting the shops, so why not indulge in just one big purchase that’s as versatile as you? A reversible coat or sweater will double your options in one fell swoop.

Taurus: As the sign of comfort and coziness, you feel right at home in the wintertime. This month, we’re just here to validate you: yes, a blanket can be clothes, and yes, you should treat yourself to that super-soft shawl you’ve got on your wish list. 

Cancer: For the most caring sign in the zodiac, it can be hard to schedule some self care time. But to provide for others, you have to provide for yourself, too! This month, consider styling from the inside out. Solidify your skincare routine, treat yourself to some nice perfume, and then– and only then– worry about what you’re wearing to all the parties you’ve been invited to!

Leo: Everybody’s saying that Y2K is coming back big time for 2023, but as the leading lion of the zodiac, you prefer to be ahead of trend. Instead of sporting the plastic fashion ‘02, go for grunge-inspired pieces this season: band tees, weathered denim, and big hair. Channel the vibes of a ‘70s superstar, and you’ll pop in the neon crowds.

Virgo: For the most detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, the devil’s in, well, the details. Which is to say, the jewelry! Indulge in both your practical nature and your desire for shiny things by stocking up on jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, and rings are evergreen additions to your boudoir, and come springtime you’ll be ready to sparkle.

Libra: As the most romantic of the air signs, you’re not letting a winter coat cover up your flirty nature! Repurpose your *scandalous* summer pieces by layering them over a turtleneck, and bring the whole thing together with some bling! Trust, if you add enough necklaces, it’ll balance out.

Scorpio: This time of year, it seems like everybody’s hiding under a jacket. As the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, that’s just how you like it. Forget about looking cool in the snow and focus on what lies beneath the coat– a chainmail vest, leather pants, or a holographic halter top. With a getup like this, you can sneak into the party unnoticed, and wow the crowd once you shed your outer layer.

Sagittarius: With your love of adventure and all things new, you’re probably very sick of the winter ‘fits by now. The same coat, every day? That is not the Sag way! Break the mold by getting some cool, versatile outerwear. Anything other than a black puffer will do– consider a fleece-lined colorful windbreaker, or maybe a cape? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s warm so that you’re prepared to jet off at a moment’s notice.

Capricorn: As this month’s birthday royalty, trust that you’ll receive plenty of gifts to add to your wardrobe. Once you’ve taken stock in your b-day haul, treat yourself to something that’ll keep you grounded through the new year. That’s right, we’re talking shoes. Do your Capricorn thing and make a well-researched decision on a perfect pair, then go for it. You deserve this!

Aquarius: You’re probably used to hearing that your sign is the “weird one,” but experts know you’re just a Taurus with a little extra pizazz. A trend only sticks around if it passes the comfort test, so this month skip the novelty products and get something unique that will last a long time. Our crystal ball reveals lots of hand-knit wool garments and a brightly colored Shetland sweater. 

Pisces: Many animals hibernate through the winter, and as the most instinctual sign of the zodiac, you’re inclined to do so as well. Forget outerwear and layering– what you need is to rejuvenate with some amazing sleepwear. Say yes to anything indulgent– silk skips, satin pajamas, and of course, slippers. After all, one must sleep to dream!

Happy Capricorn Season!


How to Rock Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year

The new year’s been rung in, influencers everywhere are stocking up on pink, and there seems to be a reddish sheen in all the shop windows. All this hubbub can only mean one thing: The 2023 Pantone Color of the Year has finally been announced! If you follow fashion, you already know that Viva Magenta is predicted to be all the rage in style and design for the coming months. 

The Pantone Color Institute describes Viva Magenta, or PANTONE 18-1750 , as “empowering,” “electrifying,” and “assertive, but not aggressive.” A hue closely associated with the digital world (hello, printer ink!) and natural elements, it’s been said that Viva Magenta will lead the way as we continue to define “virtual reality.”

All this is well and good, but how to style such a bright and bold color? We’ve broken down a few ways to approach it:

For the Enthusiastic Extravert: If you love to be the center of attention, it will be easy to harness Viva Magenta’s built-in star power. Structure your wardrobe around a bright carmine dress or jacket in a glamorous material like faux fur or silk, and you’ll be the belle of the… uh… bar!

For the Shy Stylist: If you’re not so sure about making jewel tones your whole thing, start small with accessories or makeup! Viva Magenta makes for a universally flattering blush or lip gloss. Level up with a pair of leggings, and if you’re still loving the hue, try a headband, scarf, or blouse! Remember, this shade pairs nicely with neutrals like pale grays, blues, and pastels.

For the Forest Fashionista: Your first thought when seeing Viva Magenta may have been, “Ok, that’ll look great on a computer, but there’s nothing natural about it!” While the shade does pop on the screen, it can also be found in natural elements like cochineal beetles and camilla flowers. Pair with khakis, forest greens, and earthy browns for a bright but grounded tropical effect!

That’s our road map on embracing Pantone’s latest degree, but if you’re still feeling stuck, fear not. Trend forecasting company WGSN has offered their own color of the year: Digital Lavender. Try on that hue, and if purples, pinks, and reds just aren’t your thing, better luck next year!



Via Color Meanings

Via Be Modish

Insane Cocktails to Serve This Season

…Though insane may not be the precise word. Insanely delicious? Insanely festive? Insanely easy-to-prepare? That’s more like it! Whatever the lingo, Poof Apparel’s holiday cocktails are on the menu. Here are our ideas for crowd-pleasing drinks with holiday twists.

Mulled Sangria
Mulled wine is winter’s answer to summer Sangria. But what if we could have the best of both worlds? A typical mulled wine base starts with a middle-shelf Merlot, some maple syrup for sweetener, and the juice from a whole orange. For this recipe, swap the merlot for Lambrusco– a Spanish sparkling red wine. Mix in cinnamon, cloves, star anise, lemon, and just a bit of brandy, then refrigerate before serving with fruit garnish. There you have it! All the warm, spicy flavors of mulled wine, with the refreshing coolness of Sangria.

Pumpkin Pie Hot Toddy

A hot toddy is typically made by mixing whiskey, honey, and lemon with hot water. Upgrade the classic by swirling in plenty of allspice, then top with whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, and star anise for garnish. Swap the whiskey for rum, and you’ve got something truly merry and bright.

Hot toddy tip: With this drink, it’s all about proportions. Taste as you go, adding more honey for sweetness, more allspice for flavor, and lemon to balance it all.

Peppermint Mojito
You know the drill: to make a mojito, muddle together mint and sugar, then add rum, lime juice, and club soda. Now follow our lead: crush up some peppermint sticks to rim the glass, then dangle on a candy cane before serving. A drop of red food coloring and edible glitter will bring this potent potion into another realm.

Base recipes inspired by Cookie & Kate.

Via Deb Anderson

Via Spicyicecream

Via Cookie Rookie

Via Lena Khrupina

Finding The Perfect Holiday Mini Dresses

We all seem to be enjoying that brief, final spurt of energy before the year comes to a close. Celebrating our accomplishments and ending on a high note: that’s what holiday parties are for! But how to dress for the occasion?

Whether you’re a student or a professional, you’ll want to leave a lasting impression before the break. How better to do that than with a mini dress! We know what you’re thinking: a mini dress? In this weather? Not to worry– Poof Apparel’s got you covered on how to rock this end-of-year trend and stay warm doing it.

Let’s get this out of the way: try as you might, you can’t just wear pants all winter. Rocking a dress in the cold is easy! If your showstopping gown isn’t long-sleeved, consider layering over a turtleneck, or pairing with an elegant wool cardigan. To keep your legs warm, fleece-lined tights are your best friends. Try leg warmers scrunched against your boots for a cute and practical fashion statement. And remember: once you’re inside, the jacket can come off.

There are many ways to mini, and anything goes during the holidays. Satins, sequins, and feathers have a dazzle factor. Try silk or embroidery for an elegant effect. Balloon sleeves will make you the belle of the ball, while straps might leave a delightfully sultry impression. Feathers or fur, form-fitting or flowy? The choice is yours!

The classic holiday colors are red and green, with accents of white, black, and gold. If you select something in that wheelhouse, you can’t go wrong. But we’re also here to encourage creativity, whatever the season! If you love a prima donna pink, go for it! As long as you shine, that’s holiday spirit enough.

Via Brooklyn Blonde

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Face Embellishments for New Year’s Eve

It’s almost here: the main evening of the season. We’re not saying your New Year’s outfit seals your fate for 2023, but it certainly sets the tone. On December 31st, you can get away with being crazy-glam, so why not totally go for it with face embellishments! 

The great thing about this makeup trend is that you can easily accomplish it with things you already have lying around the house. Sequins from your falling-apart sweater, face paint from October’s Halloween costume, glitter from, well, college: give it all new life for the big party!

Here are some of our favorite inspo looks for maximal ✨dazzle✨

Via L’Oreal

This one’s the classic. Pick up a pack of rhinestones in your color– you can find them at any mall or drugstore. Then use eyelash glue to apply them to your heart’s delight. Match them with your eyeshadow color for an extra-polished effect!

Via Styles Weekly

You’ll never believe where you can get these adorable star stickers: The office supply section of your nearest drugstore! That’s right, they’re the same stars that adorned your grade-school homework. We give this look an A+!

Via Morphie

Got an artistic streak? The great thing about this option is that you have full creative freedom. Try your hand at free-painting with non-toxic colors, or mix some water with your old eyeshadow for some DIY face paint! Add a waterproof setting spray when you’re done, and you’re good to go all night long.

Via Pro Mua

For something sweet and classy, try pearl embellishments. Frame the eyes for a totally enchanting effect, and pair with pearl jewelry and accessories! You don’t have to go all out– just a few dotting your eyelids and cheekbones will do the trick.

Via Alitools

Ok, let’s say you do want to go all out! A glitter and face jewel combo may be for you. Pro tip: glitter will get in the way of any adhesive, so make sure to do your glitter dusting after you apply your jewels. With this look, the midnight sky will dazzle– second only to you.

Spotlight on Confetti Nails

For a show-stopping look perfect for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, try out confetti nails! This glamorous trend can be achieved with just about any glitter topcoat, and there are plenty of ways to get creative and make it your own! Here are some of our favorites:

Chic & Sheer
Keep it classy with a neutral, white, or light pink base coat, then layer on clear glitter polish until you’ve achieved your desired shine. Not only will this option match everything in your wardrobe, it’ll make everyone do a handshake double-take!

Decal Madness
Why be subtle when there are people to see, parties to attend, and a new year to ring in? Layer glitter shapes or rhinestones on top of your desired base for a colorful, eye-catching effect. It’s Lisa Frank, all grown up!

Sleek Elegance
Begin with a dark base before covering with bright, holographic sparkles. The shimmering confetti will dazzle in the light, and the black background will ground you in total sophistication. If your New Year’s outfit includes anything leather, this is the look for you.

There you have it! These are just some ideas to get you started; we’d love to see what you do with this trend! Tag @poofapparel in all your holiday looks, and let’s get this party started!

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Poof Apparel’s Last-Minute Gift Guide

Every year we try our best to pick up gifts before the seasonal rush, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen! Not to fear, here are some ideas on last-minute gifts you can find for your loved ones at pretty much any store– holiday shipping not required.

Makeup Bag
An always-needed item that we rarely think to get for ourselves– just look at your own makeup drawer! Any cute clutch can serve as a makeup bag, just be sure it’s wide enough for a blush brush. Extra points if you stick an eyeshadow palette in!

Phone Tote
You’ll find these in most any mall! Ranging from inexpensive to designer, these adjustable mini-purses are cute and handy. A great gift for a girl-on-the-go, and a great way to show your friend you support her Tik Tok endeavors!

Bath Bundle
We’ve all been to a fancy soap store and thought, “I want everything in here!” Well, now’s your chance to make that a reality for someone else! Pick up some soap, salts, and maybe a few tealight candles at your nearest drugstore, then tie it all together with a ribbon! And treat yourself to a bath bomb while you’re at it: you know you want one.

Class Pass
You may be running out of time to shop, but you still have a chance to do something extra thoughtful! Get your friend a digital class pass to her local yoga studio, or check out artsier options in her neighborhood. From jewelry workshops to pottery classes, there’s sure to be something!
Remember, the gift is in the giving, so your friend will be grateful no matter what! And if you truly run out of time, there’s always next year!

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Easy Vegan Thanksgiving bites

Thanksgiving is here, and many of us are counting down the days to the big feast! During this time of the year, we get together to share food, drinks, and laughter, and we welcome everyone; so include some vegan treats in your menu this year especially for your vegan friends.

We have a selection of easy and tasty vegan bites that you will love!

Sweet potatoes with pecan topping

Sweet-and-Sour Onions


Kale Salad with Pickled Cranberries and Crispy Quinoa


Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta


Cranberry Sauce


Baked sweet potatoes


Boots are back

Fall is that season of mixing and matching styles, and for putting away your sandals while bringing out the boots. Whether you like wearing them for rainy days, or combining them with long dresses and cargo pants, the reality is boots are back and here for you to wear all season long.

Many outfits might wear out during cold weather, but boots are definitely the part of your wardrobe that will resist it all. That is why you should pay close attention to them, and choose not only designs, but also a comfortable pair or two, and keep them in the wardrobe rotation. 

Boots are not only a trend this season, but also a must-have to shape your personal style. Nothing is more glamorous than a good pair of shoes, and if we talk about boots, they should be sumptuous enough to catch everybody’s eyes. Remember,  elegance is a whole outfit, so your feet are the way to step on it!


The Shine of Siren Eyes

In the same way colors have an impact on your moods, makeup definitely has a mystic effect. This is probably how the current siren eyes makeup trend came into being all over the Internet. Sirens were mythological  beings who were said to have a special shine just like  this makeup will create on you! 

These eyeshadows are putting your eyes in the spotlight whether you are seeking it or not. Using makeup has never been so deep, take a look!

These are the steps:

  1. First, grab your favorite black pencil eyeliner.
  2. Use the same pencil liner or black liquid liner to apply a small line from the inner corner across the lash line just to wear your lashes start
  3. Then, flick downwards and extend the inner corner. You might need to clean this up too. 
  4. Be sure to keep the middle of your upper lash line free of any eyeliner. You can get creative with another neutral shadow shade over the black line and under the lash line or just skip right to mascara. 
  5. Be sure to focus on the outer lashes for that sultry look.





Fur Trimmed Coats and Sweaters

We’re thinking of all the ways of staying warm and cozy during these colder months, while still staying on trend. We don’t often think about those long days of work at the office, or in class. We need to get our outfit ready! 

One of the best ways to stay fashionable and still in tune with the season are Fur trimmed coats and sweaters. They’re basically an essential item this season. They took over the streets, and you can wear them all around!  Powerful colors and trimmed coats are the way to wear  and stay trendy.





Our comfy and cozy option is the chic and stylish long coat. Always a good choice to show off your silhouette, long coats preserve that outstanding look. Combine them with sweaters to enhance the warmth of your outfits, and to get the better picture of you. Walking around town with your long fur coat gives you that feeling of having it all. Wear it with passion! 




Team Your Cozy Knits with Leather

Fall means eternal combinations. The weather, changing landscapes, and fall activities gives you all the reasons to team your cozy knits with leather. Together, this makes the perfect combo for the chilly mornings  and cool nights. This trend is the sensation this season, leaving aside  basic pants, and taking advantage of our love for thick and cozy sweaters. Embrace the timeless use of leather and its fashion look in your own style.

Leather has always been a great way of dressing up without being too chic. This year and the upcoming 2023 the leather look is making a comeback. From oversized leather pants and jackets, to the mix and match with sweaters, leather is here like never before.



Minimalist Dramatic Nails Fall Trend

We need to face it. Summer is over and flashy nail colors too. We immediately identify vibrant colorful nails with warm weather, and nothing is more fashionable  than showing off our feet and hands nails designs. The good news is you can keep that chic nail detailed spirit even this season. 

Dramatic nails are trendy, and we encourage you to work on your desire to improve them even more this fall 2022. If you are a manicure lover, and you have been feeling moody, we have a good  report for you. Take notes, and pay close attention to the tendences in minimalistic black nails.




@Adrienne Ferrel



Pumpkin Spice Cocktail

The fall is that time of the year in which pumpkin is both a motive and an excuse to feast. From pumpkin late to pumpkin soup, the fact is we actually do love a good pumpkin suggestion to go out. Cocktails are the kind of drink that originally takes any ingredient,  and shakes them out in the best way to offer an amazing flavor. 

With Halloween coming you want to get ready and make a choice. How do you prefer the taste of this orange color mix? We have a list to help you twisting  pumpkin, and make it actually amazing!

Liquid Hair Style

Liquid hair has been around since last year, but in 2022 it’s really taken off. It is the style you want to do your hair this fall. As soon as warm weather is over celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, and Kim Kardashian are stretching their hair all the way out and splendid.
It does have some rules because liquid hair does not appear wet. This style looks shiny and perfectly lined in your head. The final result is straight flat- ironed hair with volume enough to seem salon professional.
Do you want to know how?
Step One: Apply Frizz-Fighting Heat Protectant
Step Two: Blow Dry
Step Three: Grab Your Flat Iron
Step Four: Use A Finishing Product
The idea of the liquid hair is to look not only stunningly perfect, but also extremely soft when touching.




Dressing Right for Halloween Night

Halloween is that magic night that we all keep enjoying despite our age because everything might happen! It is more about clothing than candy for us, so we want to be sure you are dressed up right. 

It doesn’t matter what your custom theme is for this occasion you can always make it up because that is halloween about, isn’t it? Think in the mystery of the night, and choose clothing according to  your comfort, but  without leaving the fashionable part out. Black colors are definitely in our list as well as dresses, tank tops, and mini skirts. Combine with jackets and cardigans because the end of October is also the beginning of cold weather.

Pop up some red on your outfit to underline Halloween wicked purposes, and do not forget pumpkin orange, or pink dreams since everything ends at midnight on  November 1st! As it has been said  what happens in halloween, stays in halloween!







NYC Sweater Style

New Blog Theme “New York City Sweaters Style by Poof”.


New York is that city where fashion is a lifestyle. If you live, or you have visited the city that never sleeps, you know then it has  not only yellow taxis, and tall buildings, but also very defined seasons. Thus, Fall and Winter are usually very cold in New York. 

 If there is something good about Fall in this city, it is that you can combine different outfits, and still look cool. In New York you  see models in the streets of Soho wearing long sweaters during snow days, and short jackets with boots in November. 

We got you, Poof has your style and your color for those chilly first months. Going out should not mean you have to cover up. You still can be trendy and warm at the same time. Also, fall season is the time for accessories such as a hat or a scarf. Beanies,  caps, or trendy bucket hats are a good match with sweaters, zip sweaters, and cardigans.

Long sleeve open cardigan sweater color auburn. Made with shiny chenille. Fall tones in a warm sweater. 

Mock neck all over cable detail long sleeve sweaters. Color wood smoke for a stylish and easy wearable item.


Keep these trendy colors in mind as you pick out your Fall wardrobe. Yellows, reds and pinks are dominating the fashion blogs, so grab them up when choosing your favorite sweater. It is about the color and the coziness to basically being all out. 

Aztec print long sleeve sweater. This original cardigan has open front pockets. Beautiful design and definitively colorful in ecru beige  tones.

Soft hand fair isle mock neck sweater. This color ivory is  that cozy sweater you need.