May Style Horoscopes

Aries: Embrace adventure with a ring bearing an inspiring word. Let it guide you through new beginnings and warmer days, igniting your fiery spirit. As spring unfolds, allow your style to reflect the blossoming energy around you, infusing your wardrobe with vibrant colors and bold accessories that match your dynamic personality.

Taurus: Ground yourself with decorative belts or waist chains, reflecting your stable nature. As the weather warms and flowers bloom, let your style blossom like the petals of spring. Embrace earthy tones and textures that echo the richness of the season, adding depth and warmth to your look.

Gemini: Spring’s renewal prompts experimentation. Get some new piercings to express your ever-changing personality. As the sun shines brighter and days lengthen, allow your style to evolve with the season’s energy, mixing and matching patterns, colors, and accessories that mirror your vibrant and multifaceted character.

Cancer: Cherish nature’s beauty with an accessory to remember it by. As the days grow longer and the air fills with warmth, let it remind you of the joy and growth that summer promises. Embrace accessories with natural elements like shells or stones, reflecting the serenity of the season.

Leo: Reign supreme with statement brooches, adding sparkle to your style as the weather heats up. Let your majestic presence shine brighter than the summer sun, commanding attention wherever you go. Embrace bold patterns and luxurious fabrics that reflect your regal nature, exuding confidence and elegance.

Virgo: Surprise your friends by wearing skirt chains, which reveal your inner edge as temperatures rise. Let your unique accessories reflect the warmth of the season’s embrace, adding subtle details that speak to your meticulous nature. As flowers bloom and leaves unfurl, infuse your wardrobe with fresh and clean lines that mirror the beauty of spring.

Libra: Keep secrets close with pocketed outfits, perfect for summer strolls and romantic rendezvous. Let the sunshine inspire love notes hidden within your attire, adding a touch of mystery and allure to your look. Embrace light and airy fabrics that flow with the breeze, enhancing your graceful and charming demeanor.

Scorpio: Transform your outlook with a new tattoo, symbolizing your depth and passion. As summer approaches and the world bursts into life, let it bloom like the flowers of the season, a testament to your inner strength and resilience. Embrace dark and mysterious accessories that reflect your enigmatic nature, adding an air of intrigue to your style.

Sagittarius: Embrace your natural freedom with versatile style choices, reflecting your spontaneous nature. As the days lengthen and the call of adventure grows stronger, let your wardrobe mirror the excitement that awaits. Embrace bold colors and playful patterns that capture the spirit of summer, infusing your look with energy and enthusiasm.

Capricorn: Adorn your hair with barrettes and clips, reflecting your strength and determination. Let them shine like the summer sun, adding a touch of elegance to your look. As the days grow warmer and the world awakens, embrace structured and polished pieces that speak to your ambitious and disciplined nature.

Aquarius: Drape yourself in sheer fabrics, symbolizing your fluidity and innovation. As temperatures rise and the world becomes a canvas of vibrant colors, let your style flow with the warmth of the season. Embrace unconventional and eclectic accessories that reflect your progressive and visionary spirit, adding a touch of whimsy to your look.

Pisces: Indulge in a luxurious lipstick, adding glamor to your ethereal charm. As summer approaches and the world becomes a playground of possibilities, let your style shimmer like the waves under the sun’s gentle gaze. Embrace soft and romantic hues that reflect your dreamy and imaginative nature, adding a touch of magic to your look.

The Key Ingredients of Minimalist 90’s Makeup

Try as we might, the glamorous 90’s will always come back in some way or another. While last year was all about big windbreakers and Y2K crop top, this season is bringing back the 90’s in a different way, with the iconic, naturally-beautiful makeup trends of that decade taking center stage. If you’re interested in exploring the roaring 90’s in your makeup routine, here are the core elements to consider:

Brown Lipstick 
Add a little glow to your lips with a deep rosy lip stain – the preferred shade of high-powered ladies!

Via Sephora

Dusty Blue Eyeshadow
This angelic shade was the harbinger of the electric blues and greens to come in the following decade – and perhaps that’s why there’s something so timeless about it.


Via Dior

Bronzer, Not Blush
For the 90’s look, skip the pink cheeks and opt for a natural, tanned glow in a bronzer a few shades warmer and darker than your natural skin tone.


Via Sephora

Thin Eyebrows
If we remember anything about the 90’s, it’s the ultra-thin eyebrows. Only go for this look if it suits you, and remember to maintain your shape with a natural shade of eyebrow pencil!


Via Ulta

Grunge Girl
Alternatively, pivot from all of the above and take on a different trend from the last decade of the century, with fully black, goth-inspired eyeshadow.


Via Amazon

7 Late Spring Outfits for Day and Night

Dressing for late spring is doubly difficult, because you have to prepare for the heat of the day and the sudden chill of the evening. With all that to keep in mind, it’s hard to prioritize looking cute on top of it all! At Poof, we’re working to combat that defeatist attitude. Here are some great ways to be ready for anything this season!

Long Skirts
For those days where you need some extra coverage, but just can’t stand to wear pants again.



Light Jackets
Blazers, motos, and fringe coats are fashion’s answer to springtime. Opt for light materials like satin and cotton so that your extra layer is warm, but not too hot. 



Tights & Stockings
A great way to gain some extra warmth and elevate your outfit at the same time! 



Pop of Fabulous
Reclaim the springtime spirit by adding bright colors to your otherwise wintery outfit. You can stay comfortable while still invoking sunshine in a palate of whites, yellows, and vivid greens!




Top 5 Manicure Trends for Summer

A year out from the Summer of Barbie, this spring is all about soft, natural shades that last a long time and complement a variety of outfits. We’re talking elegant neutrals, sultry skin tones, and just a bit of shimmer. The great thing about manicures is that you can constantly change your color, but still – it helps to know where to start. Here are our top 5 predictions for late spring and early summer!

Rainy Day Gray
Quiet, elegant, and intellectual

Via Olive + June

Circus Ochre
Vivid, sunny, and unexpected


Via Hermes

Baby Pink
Classic, alluring, and delicate


Via Cirque Colors

Dusky Blue
Mystical, eye-catching, and oceanic


Via Etsy

Fruit Basket
Playful, maximalist, and flirty

Via Etsy

Mini Madness: Fashion’s Having a “Little” Moment

With the change of seasons, it’s only natural to expect seams to get a little shorter. But in 2024, we’re expecting this trend to be more than just miniskirts. This summer, everything’s getting shrunk: shorts, tops, accessories, even shoes! Since showing a little skin is in, here’s some inspo on how to incorporate Mini Madness into your wardrobe:

Classic Minis
Can’t go wrong with a little black miniskirt! Pair it with boots, sneaks, or anything in between.



Cropped Tops
Play with style and length here – you can go totally skimpy, or opt for a cropped cardigan for a bit of class. No judgment here, just a healthy dose of midriff!



Sweet Clips
Subtlety is key here. We’re loving this little braided clip, and the pop of strawberry color on the right. Go for whatever blends with your ‘fit best!



Little Details
While tops are getting higher, heels are getting lower. Don’t waste energy walking around in pumps. Instead, indulge in Mini Madness with flats and kitten heels!



April Style Horoscopes

Aries: April is the month of change for you Aries. All energies are on your side, so be daring! Colors, textures and patterns are the watchwords of this month. Opt for a beautiful red jumpsuit with trendy sneakers and everyone will follow your energy. Beware of excess, however, as this could lead to a few slip-ups, but knowing you, go for it and you’ll be rewarded. 

Taurus: April officially kicks off your birthday, so shine on this month!  A long, flowing, brick-colored trench coat and sunglasses will be the centerpiece of your look. Now all you have to do is choose clothes you’re comfortable in underneath to give yourself that first gift: feeling good! 

Gemini: Make way for lightness and creativity this month for you. Be up for mixing styles with a long trench coat and a mini skirt. All that’s left is to add a nice pair of boots and the accessories of your choice to radiate in this first month of spring!

Cancer: Be your own boss this month. Choose your best colored pantsuit, a white tee shirt underneath and sneakers to shine. Don’t make things difficult for yourself this month and do as you please, the sun is waiting for you! 

Leo: Change is waiting for you Leos, so take the plunge and make a fresh start. Go for a total white look, pants and blouse or a long dress – the choice is yours! Add a colorful clutch and some chunky jewelry and you’re all set for April.

Virgo: April will put a strain on your organization, but don’t panic, the key is to let go and be daring. Opt for a midi skirt with boots. Pastel colors and minimalist jewelry are the perfect accompaniment. Your efforts will be rewarded, so take advantage of the fine weather to show off your best side. 

Libra: Librans, you know better than anyone that this is a season of emancipation for you. So follow your path to pursue your dreams. The perfect look to reflect who you are this month is the steamy white dress. Style your outfit by adding a barrel bag and sunglasses to make a statement. Feminine and stylish, conquer whoever you want with this look!

Scorpio: As one of the most active signs in the zodiac, this month is all about slowing down and focusing on yourself, Scorpios. Your two must-haves this month are a blazer and an it-bag. So follow your intuition and find these two iconic pieces that remind you of the strength you have within you to live this season to the full. 

Sagittarius: Bright colors, playful patterns and accessories are the master words of April for you Sagittarians. Polka dots are back, so go for a white skirt with black polka dots, a colorful top and fun accessories. Your strong drive will match this look perfectly, so go for it! 

Capricorn: “Get out of your comfort zone” must be this month’s mantra for you Capricorns. The perfect mistake-free look for you is total denim. Opt for a denim dress cinched at the waist with the belt of your choice, or a pair of denim bell-bottoms with a denim blouse will make you an assertive and stylish Capricorn! What better way to shine? 

Aquarius: For Aquarians, this month is all about finding the happy medium and making compromises. Try these two looks: the first is a pair of high-waisted jeans with a vitamin-packed blouse and a pair of little heels to complete the look. The second, the perfect candy-pink pantsuit in which to spend the month of April. So, which way are you leaning? 

Pisces: Pisces, this April will push you upwards and offer you new horizons. So what could be better than opting for a printed and/or colorful dress? As the centerpiece of your look, it’ll boost your ambition and joy with the color the sun reflects on you (and on your dress).

Toss Your Tote: Purses We Love for Under $100

It’s worth it to invest in a great bag, seeing as you’ll use it almost every day. But you don’t have to break the bank to carry around essentials and look cute while doing it! Here are a few perfectly chic and handy purses that you can get for less than a Benjamin. 

For the budding botanist…

Via Coach Outlet

For the girl who can’t give up her tote…


Via Nordstrom

For the little diva…

Via @Mark and Spencer

Via @DollsKill

For the little diva…

Via Vera Bradley

Must-Have Items for Hosting Your First Dinner Party

Impromptu dinner parties mark some of the best evenings of your twenties. There’s nothing quite like enjoying fresh food with friends, wining and dining late into the night. Whether it’s for a birthday, Shabbat, or just because, it’s a milestone to throw your first party. Here’s everything you’ll need to make it a great occasion – minus the cookware and food. We’ll assume you’ve got that covered! 

Candles, Candles, Candles!
Did you know that the word “candlestick” refers to both the candle and its holder? Confusing, we know, but make sure to grab a few of both for added ambiance.

Festive Fabrics
Wake up grandma: doilies are back. Doilies, and linen napkins and wicker place settings… the options are endless so choose your own adventure!


Florals, Darling
Self explanatory: bright blooms = blooming conversation. Pro tip: skip pre-made bouquets and build your own with loose greens and flowers! In this case, it’s cheaper to customize.

Save Enough Seats!
Depending on the length of your guest list, you might need to get creative with seating arrangements! Side tables, floor pillows, and folded blankets are all great options – and add to that young, bohemian vibe.

5 Funky Tights to Transition Into Spring

Spring: chilly one day, sweltering the next. What’s a girl to do? One word: tights. Both solid and sheer, tights are the answer to a day that starts in the 40s and ends in the 70s. Here are some of our favorite looks, straight from the ‘gram!

Sheer Sensations

Via @tinvcb

Via @xofashioninspo_

Fun & Funky

Via @theelegantstylist


Via @Sashalilliee

Pop of Color

Via @e1isabethng

Via @karman_kami

THE Best Ways to Elevate Your Music Festival ‘Fit

Gearing up for round two in the Colorado Desert? You may have already run through your entire festival wardrobe, so we’re here to help reinvigorate your style with clothes and accessories both cool and cooling – ‘cause we know it can be hot out there 🥵 Read on for ideas all your friends will want to copy next year!

Bandana Beauties
The ultimate festival hack: a versatile bandana. Keep your hair out of your eyes, wear it as a crop top, or soak it with water and wrap it around your neck for a stylish cool-down!



Featured:Good Universe Bandana by Urban Outfitters

Little White Band Tee
This is the festival version of the little black dress: rep your favorite retro rock stars with a distressed white t-shirt. It’s a statement, base piece, and conversation starter all in one!



Featured: Vintage Nirvana Tee & John Galt Matthews Band Tee by Pacsun

Spicy Scrunchies
There’s no avoiding a ponytail at a hot concert venue, but make it your own with a decorative scrunchie – velvet, velour, or Van Gogh: the choice is yours!



Featured: Sun Sparkle Scrunchie by Montce

Crochet & Lace Tops
In the desert, these are doubly useful: they’re super cute and let the breeze in!



Featured: Floral Crochet Top by & Other Stories

March Style Horoscopes

Aries: Fuel your fearless spirit! Step into spring with bold leather jackets and daring sunglasses, letting patterns reflect your confidence and embody the vibrant energy of the season.

Taurus: You love to splurge, but this month, keep it real. Embrace versatility with comfy staples and jeans, grounding yourself in neutral tones. Add practical elegance with a stylish backpack this spring. Your one allowance? A killer birthday outfit. 

Gemini:  It’s never too early to think about your birthday season. This month, paint with all colors of your personality, incorporating vibrant colors and unique prints, expressing your duality with artistic jewelry.

Cancer: You’re loyal like nobody else, Cancer, but you don’t often extend that to yourself. Celebrating your own achievements with monogrammed accessories that echo your perennial strength.

Leo: Keep it sunny for spring, with a sunshine-yellow sundress paired with a statement necklace that sparkles like your vibrant personality. Slip into comfy wedges for a touch of glamor. Voila! The perfect ‘fit for frolicking.

Virgo: Rally the troops (i.e, your besties) and get coordinated outfits, or, if you’re a part of a co-ed sport’s team, make sure you have a say in the uniforms! If anyone can do it, it’s you!

Libra: You’re feeling a keen spirit for justice lately. Embrace ethical fashion and sustainable choices, allowing your style to mirror the strength of your principles. 

Scorpio: This month, you’re in your #GirlBoss era. Command attention with power suits and confident tailoring, signaling determination with strong accessories like bold belts and sturdy boots.

Sagittarius: Nobody is as positive as you, Sagittarius! Show your sunny side fully by embracing bright colors and cheerful patterns, letting playful accessories spread joy all season long.

Capricorn: Spring is an excellent time to rework your wardrobe. Opt for classic, sophisticated attire and minimalist accessories, allowing your style to exude timeless elegance like the first blossoms of spring.

Aquarius: Aquarius, rock the revolution with ethical threads and earth-loving brands. Sport a tee that shouts a cause you champion. Accessorize with bracelets supporting your favorite charity.

Pisces: You’re in fashion flow, Pisces! Embrace comfort in loose fabrics and bohemian accessories, letting your intuitive choices mirror the fluidity of spring, where renewal dances in the air.

The Perfect Corset for Every Wardrobe

The 1700s are calling, and they want their corsets back! Jk, jk, but it does seem like we’re living our best regal lives now that this gorgeous staple is back in the zeitgeist. Even still, there are so many varieties of this throwback garment, from vintage to modern. Here’s what to wear, depending on the occasion.

For the party, opt for a casual elastic lace corset with straps, so you can dance all night without worries about slippage.

For date night, go for something sweet and strapless, and make sure to pair it with a necklace which draws the eye to, well, wherever you want it to go!

For high tea brunch, it’s your moment to go classic with a bone-structured front-clasp corset, and add a tulle skirt and gloves to really play the part.

For running errands, first of all, we commend you for skipping the sweatpants. But you’ll still want something black and fully secure to keep it casual.

For the weekend, you’ll want something that garners a ton of compliments to keep the good vibes going! We recommend a pretty, flattering color and an eye-catching material like silk or velvet.

Lessons from Copenhagen: Street Style, Bogcore, and Beyond

Last month was Copenhagen Fashion Week, and we’re still reeling from the influx of inspiration from both the runways and the streets. If you’re not familiar, this Nordic fashion fiesta is not your average runway affair; it’s a celebration of Scandinavian style that effortlessly blends minimalism with bold creativity. From sustainable fashion statements to avant-garde designs, Copenhagen Fashion Week is a trendsetting playground that showcases the intersection of tradition and innovation. Here are some of our main takeaways on trends to come:

Power Clashing is back! The moment is now to mix as many patterns as possible, and one of them better be leopard print!

Via @camillemartinot


Via @elinorcharlotte


Via @sianeastmentwilliams

Texture is everything. If your ‘fit doesn’t make people want to reach out and touch it, it may be time to add more faux-fur.

Via @elinorcharlotte


Via @stylelovelyweb

The Reign of Dark Red. We’ve already written about the fashion world’s obsession with Black Cherry, and Copenhagen was not immune to the forbidden fruit. 

Via @morganemaurice


Via @voguegermany

Modern Bogcore. Its location on the Nordic peninsula means foggy, mystical climate informs a lot of fashion in Denmark. This year, it took the form in elegant greens and blues, with a casual focus on layering. 

Via @womanmagazin

Your Spring Break Haircut Is Here

Heading out on Spring break soon? There’s never been a better time to go for that bold, short haircut! Short, carefree strands perfectly align with the laid-back vibes of the season, offering low-maintenance chic that lets you focus on the beach, not your hair. Imagine strolling through campus post-break with a fresh, breezy look, ready to conquer the remainder of the semester. So, grab those scissors and we’ll cut to the chase: Here are our top three short styles for the modern girl!

1980’s Voluminous Bob

Pretty Layered Pixie


Face-Forward Crop

The 5 Core Components of Casual Elegance

If you’ve noticed the streets are leaning more cashmere than casual lately, you’re not alone. The “old money aesthetic” has taken the world by storm, harkening to an understated wealth popular in the 1980s. If you’re looking to claim some casual elegance for yourself, here’s our official assessment of the 5 core components for dressing with a pinch of panache:

1. The Tan Trench

A trenchcoat isn’t just an outer layer; it’s the pièce de résistance that turns a casual ensemble into a runway-ready affair.

Via @valerie.kei

Via @lilyisabellaclark

2. The Maxi Skirt

A long skirt adds a touch of drama and sophistication to your wardrobe. For this look, keep away from boho and opt for tan, denim, or black, with extra points for anything leather.

Via @valerie.kei


Via @karyastreetstyle

3. Gray Beginnings

A gray sweater is the unsung hero that effortlessly conducts the balance between comfort and class. This piece is so essential; it’s like the salt in your wardrobe – making everything better!

Via @stylishblogstory

Via @livia_auer

4. Fine, Fine Jewelry

Whether it’s a statement necklace, a classy watch, or a bold handbag, these additions are the exclamation points in your style story! If you’re not into sparkle, an Hermés scarf will do the trick.

Via @paulaalberdi

Via @mindfulbeauties

5. Keep It Low

Millionaires don’t need to impress with stilettos. To really walk the walk, invest in a nice pair of kitten heels or lifted flats.

Via @huma_blanco

Via @luxe.collections_kenya

February Style Horoscopes

Aries: Your ruling planet, Mars, is on the move. Embrace boldness with a red leather jacket. Confidence radiates as Mercury enters Pisces, inspiring creative layering.

Taurus: Lucky Jupiter continues to bless your sign, encouraging you to indulge. Indulge in cozy textures and earthy tones. Uranus retrograde suggests a style twist—try statement earrings for added flair.

Gemini: Spring is on the horizon, bringing you back to life from a social hibernation! Experiment with mixed patterns and vibrant colors. A whimsical hat complements your Mercury-ruled charm.

Cancer: Saturn retrograde in your fellow water-sign of Pisces calls for reflection. Opt for comfort and soothing tones. A cozy oversized sweater nurtures your style during Neptune’s introspective phase.

Leo: Now is the time to shine even brighter than usual. Metallic accents dazzle—try bold gold accessories. Jupiter in Taurus amplifies your love for attention-grabbing ensembles.

Virgo: These days, you’re inspired by dreamy elegance. Embrace flowing fabrics and soft hues. Uranus retrograde signals a style shift—try a bohemian-chic scarf for a subtle change.

Libra: Exude sophistication with tailored silhouettes and classic colors. Neptune retrograde encourages subtle glamor—try a delicate lace detail for romantic appeal.

Scorpio: At winter’s end, your allure is on full volume. Experiment with edgy details and deep hues. Mars in Aquarius suggests a statement piece—rock leather pants for bold empowerment.

Sagittarius: Jupiter enters Gemini soon, fueling your free-spirited style. Embrace boho-chic with vibrant patterns. Uranus retrograde prompts a fun twist—try funky sunglasses for an eclectic touch.

Capricorn: Dance with cosmic energy in funky, celestial-inspired leggings. Embrace playful patterns and vibrant hues, adding a touch of whimsy to your sophisticated style during this celestial rendezvous.

Aquarius: Mars enters Aquarius, sparking your individuality. Experiment with futuristic styles and bold colors. Pluto retrograde suggests a standout accessory—try unconventional, statement earrings.

Pisces: Neptune retrograde in Pisces prompts ethereal charm. Embrace flowing, pastel pieces, then enhance your dreamy side with a celestial-inspired necklace for added mystical allure.

Trend Alert: The Rise of the Modern Modern Muse

With spring just weeks away, the tides of culture seem to be shifting towards a kind of hopeful romanticism. Taylor Swift has announced a dreamy-seeming new album, Tik Tok is obsessed with emulating rom-com heroines, and The Notebook is coming to Broadway. All this wistful limerence has given rise to an emerging trend we’re calling the Modern Muse aesthetic. Somewhere between bridal and boho, the white base of the muse’s palette says, “I’m married to my art.” If you’re tired of coquette and want something a bit more divine, this trend might be for you. Here are the essential elements:

Windblown Magic
There’s an almost tomboy element to the unkempt nature of a true muse. Work with your hair texture, not against it, to create an aura of effortless charm. When in doubt, a little time by the seaside or in a nearby wheat field is known to do wonders for the keratin.



Lounge Around
A muse exudes a feeling of total inner peace. If you can’t access that in this modern world, let your actions lead the way. Settle into your environment and breathe before you speak. A handy dried flower will underscore the point, at least for a photo-op.


Everyday Cool
The Modern Muse is an elevation of the extremely trendy “clean girl aesthetic,” taking pristine fabrics and glass skin to another level. Invest in the perfect white top – or better yet, a corset – to bring with you wherever you go. Even when you’re not in full muse getup, you can carry that quiet confidence into any situation.



Décor for Your Valentine’s Day Dinner Party

Get ready to sprinkle some extra love on your favorite ladies because Galentine’s Day is just around the corner! Picture this: heart-shaped confetti, twinkling lights, and a playlist that screams “girl power.” Start with a cute welcome sign at the door because your gal pals deserve a warm greeting. Dive into the decor with an explosion of red and pink—balloons, streamers, and, of course, heart-shaped everything. Scatter empowering notes around, turning your space into a charming love haven for your fantastic friends. 

Want to take it to the next level? Create a DIY photo booth with quirky props for unforgettable snapshots and capture the joy of your friendships. Elevate your snack game with heart-shaped treats and cupcakes that are almost too cute to eat. Don’t forget a signature Galentine’s Day punch to keep the party spirits high! The pièce de résistance? A cozy corner with cushions and blankets for those heartfelt conversations and laughter-filled moments. With these ideas, your Galentine’s Day bash is bound to be a love-filled, laughter-packed extravaganza! 





Easy Recipes for an Après-Ski Evening

After a day of hitting the slopes (or the shops – we’re not judging!) it can be hard to find the energy to make a whole après-ski spread. Luckily many of the recipes in the Alpine tradition are easily substituted with items you probably already have at home! Here are a few of our favorite easy alternatives, s rab a blanket, gather your pals, and let the après-ski feast begin!

Instead of fondue, try baked brie…
Fondue, who? Baked brie is just as delicious with half the effort. Simply pop in the oven for melty magic, then serve with thyme and jam.

Instead of hot chocolate, try a chocolate martini…
Ditch the cocoa for a chocolate martini: vodka, chocolate liqueur, cream – shake, sip, and party! If you’re still feeling fancy, line the rim with crushed peppermint.

Instead of Swiss Rösti, try baked potato chips…
Transitional Rösti is great, but who has the time? Indulge in potatoey goodness with this throwback snack, just slice up a potato or two, season, bake, and crunch!

Instead of sausage and pretzels, try salty charcuterie…
In lieu of baked pretzels, try this for a snack attack! Assemble meats, cheeses, and pickles and serve with crunchy pretzels for some salty goodness.

Get the Mob Wife Look, Minus the Danger

Double check your calendar: while it’s not that Roaring 20’s, culture has suddenly been overtaken by a dangerous aesthetic, seemingly overnight. The “Mob Wife” look is all about opulent luxury and unapologetic glamor. Marked by iconic pieces like fur coats, leopard print, glitzy jewelry, and cherry red, this is the ultimate meeting of fashion and ferocity. Here are three easy steps to claim this femme fatale style as your own.

Step 1. Perfect Your Strut

Channel your inner mob wife by perfecting the art of the confident strut. Glide with purpose, shoulders back, and chin up, letting every step exude the unapologetic confidence that defines the glamorous world of danger.

Via @junybreeze

Step 2. Be Fur Real

Timeless and showy, a fur coat is the ultimate style statement. If that’s not your thing, opt for the extravagance of leopard-print, keeping all eyes on you.

Via @mariekitsova


Via @jeanneandrea

Step 3. Devil’s in the Details

One thing about mob wives is, they’ve got plenty of time on their hands to lounge around in luxury. Invest in the finer things of life, like intricate nail art and over-the-top interior designs.


ViapolishVia @thetruthbehind_decor

January Style Horoscopes

Aries: This year, you’ll return to your most basic instincts and elements, gaining a clear sense of what makes you you. Instead of focusing on your outer layer, invest in the more intimate pieces… you get what we’re saying? Good, now make it lacey 😉 

Taurus: Lucky Jupiter remains in your sign until the end of May, closing things out right around your birthday. Make this year’s celebration one to remember – no “I’m not a birthday person” protests about this one! And of course, you’ll need a gown or suit to rule them all. 

Gemini: Jupiter enters your sign in May, bringing many months of luck and blessings. Take full advantage of this astronomical goodwill. If you see a style or a look that feels aspirational or out of your comfort zone, that’s your sign to embrace it. In 2024, you can rock anything! 

Cancer: 2024 will bring you a year of travel, which means you’ll want to pack light with the best of your essentials. While you’re still at home, focus on whittling down your wardrobe to the very best. If you can’t picture yourself wearing something on a luxury boat or highrise hotel, it’s not for you.

Leo: As a Leo, you’re probably tired of hearing about headgear. It’s true, your mane is what you are known for, but you don’t need to overly adorn your hair to shine. Invest in products, not accessories in 2024.

Virgo: Just as you like it, you’ll fly under the radar for the first portion of 2024, dear Virgo. Though you shimmer in just about every color you wear, here is your permission to go fully black-clad. Just make sure to wear luxury materials like leather and sheer silk.

Libra: You’re feeling transient and adaptable at the year’s beginning, which is most likely rooted in any Aquarius placements. Lean into your shapeshifting energy and design a few outfits based on your favorite movie and television characters. Who’s the star of 2024? It’s you!

Scorpio: The moon rules your sign at the beginning of this year, Scorpio, coming into full fruition on the 25th of the month. On this day, take note of the scents you are drawn to. Your signature perfume of 2024 will emerge from these clues.

Sagittarius: Sag? More like swag! In 2024, you will come into a style of your own. It’s been nearly a decade since you allowed yourself a personal rebrand, and Mercury decrees that now is your moment. Come summer, your wardrobe will be the envy of royalty.

Capricorn: You’ll need to watch your wallet in 2024, dear Cap. Though there are many shiny things that strike your fancy, limit yourself to just one major purchase a month. As the quality of your objects heightens, so will your life. 

Aquarius: You’re full of anxious energy as Mars prepares to enter your sign in February. For now, sate yourself by shopping the winter clearance racks, then after Valentine’s day treat yourself to the shiniest object which dazzles you most. 

Pisces: Dreamy, fate-casting Saturn remains in your sign through much of the year. Currently, it’s retrograde, which may muddle your ideas about when to shop and what to get. For now, moodboard out your spring and summer wardrobe. When Saturn goes direct in June, it’ll all become clear.

Accessories To Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Goal

Everyone’s making and sharing in and out lists for the New Year, but while you’re screenshotting hot takes, don’t forget to set some legitimate goals for 2024! Those who have established and accomplished goals know that even the smallest things can help along the journey, and often, the solution is where you least expect it. With this in mind, here are a few cute and creative accessories that may help you achieve your dreams in the coming months – whatever those dreams may be!

Get a retro piggy bank!

If you want to jet set…

Get a monogrammed passport case!

If you’re sober-curious…

Get a sample set of mocktail bitters!

If you’re on your fitness game…

Get a custom yoga tote!

If you’re starting a Good Reads account…

Get a futuristic reading lamp!

If you have creative goals…

Get an inspiring journal!

We’re Obsessed with ‘Cozy Girl Style’

It can be hard enough dressing for the cold, much less in a fashionable way. That’s why we’re obsessed with Cozy Girl Style, which embraces the weather challenges by incorporating soft, luxurious, and most importantly warm fabrics. Begone the January blues – with the right scarf, anything is possible!

Preppy Moment




Let’s Hear It for the Scarf






Solid Fabrics




Feeling Fuzzy: How to Style Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year

In late December, Pantone announced its much-anticipated Color of the Year for 2024. Gentle and elegant Peach Fuzz is a warm neutral “whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.” While we at Poof Apparel may have been hoping for something a little more vivid, it’s clear that Peach Fuzz is an excellent choice for a mainstay of design and fashion. Evocative of nostalgic sunsets and fresh springtime blooms, this shade is an excellent choice to buoy any modern outfit. Here are a few styling examples we’ve got on our digital moodboards:










Why Everyone is ‘Putting a Bow on It’

Many dubbed 2023 the “Year of the Girl” due to the Barbie movie and Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s record-breaking concert tours. Indeed, it seemed like a celebration of all things feminine surrounded us, from Pantone’s previous color of the year to Girl Dinner and beyond. In all likelihood, this is why the bow, arguably the most iconic symbol of girlhood, has swept the internet by storm in recent weeks. It all began in earnest with the coquette aesthetic, then graduated (as it often does in Internet culture) to a meme. Even when the fervor is over, there’s no doubt bows are back in the zeitgeist. If ribbons are new to your boudoir, here are a few creative and unique ways to style them:

Coquette Aesthetic






Subtle Accessories




Ponytail Classic






Girlboss Bold




Save It for Summer


December Style Horoscopes

Aries: December beckons Aries to embrace bold elegance. Opt for luxe textures and vibrant colors to reflect your dynamic energy. Let your style make a statement, whether through a striking coat or daring accessories.

Taurus: Comfort meets chic for Taurus this December. Choose cozy yet sophisticated ensembles that seamlessly transition from festive gatherings to intimate nights by the fire. Earthy tones and soft fabrics will complement your grounded charm.

Gemini: December encourages Gemini to play with contrasts. Experiment with eclectic pairings and unexpected accessories that reflect your dual nature. From classic silhouettes to avant-garde twists, let your style be as versatile as your spirit this holiday season.

Cancer: Embrace your nurturing side, Cancer, with soft textures and muted hues in December. Opt for cozy sweaters and flowing silhouettes that provide comfort without sacrificing style. Showcasing your innate elegance will leave a lasting impression.

Leo: December calls for bold and glamorous choices, Leo. Embrace luxurious fabrics, statement accessories, and regal colors to showcase your vibrant personality. Your style is meant to command attention and leave a lasting impression this festive season.

Virgo: Virgo, find perfection in simplicity this December. Opt for clean lines, neutral tones, and tailored silhouettes that exude understated elegance. Your attention to detail will shine through, making a sophisticated statement.

Libra: Balance and beauty define your December style, Libra. Choose outfits that showcase your love for harmony, with elegant fabrics, soft colors, and statement accessories. Let your style be a reflection of your innate sense of equilibrium.

Scorpio: Embrace your mysterious allure, Scorpio. Opt for dark hues, intricate details, and statement pieces that reflect your intense and magnetic energy. December invites you to captivate with a sense of drama in your fashion choices.

Sagittarius: December urges Sagittarius to express their adventurous spirit through style. Opt for bold patterns, vibrant colors, and free-spirited accessories that reflect your outgoing nature. Your fashion choices should be as lively and optimistic as your personality.

Capricorn: Capricorn, exude timeless elegance this December. Choose classic silhouettes, neutral tones, and refined accessories that showcase your sophisticated taste. Your style should embody the grace and poise that define your sign.

Aquarius: Embrace your unique and eclectic taste, Aquarius. December invites you to experiment with unconventional styles, bold colors, and avant-garde accessories. Let your fashion choices be a reflection of your progressive and individualistic spirit.

Pisces: December calls for dreamy and ethereal styles for Pisces. Opt for flowing fabrics, pastel hues, and whimsical accessories that reflect your romantic nature. Your fashion choices should transport others to a world of fantasy and imagination.

What’s Black Cherry, & Why Is It Everywhere?

What do the cowboy aesthetic, ‘80s fashion, food-based trends, and the gothic revival have in common? Two words: Black Cherry. This deep rusty red is a unifying force in almost every aesthetic trend we see coming in 2024. The best part is, it’s a universally flattering shade which you likely already have in your closet! To take your Black Cherry game to the next level, here are a few styled looks we absolutely adore:

Casually Cool

Via @carocolombani


Via @emika_xo

Black Cherry Bundled



Via @closettherapyla

Via @mari.theoutfitcurator


Via @vidhyaxo

Fully High Fashion

Via @naaomiross


Showstopping Appetizers: Holiday Edition

‘Tis the season for festive gatherings, and what better way to kick off the merriment than with a tantalizing array of holiday appetizers? From savory bites to sweet treats, here are some hosting ideas that not only dazzle the taste buds but also add a dash of festive flair to your table. Get ready to impress your guests with these delightful holiday appetizers that are sure to spark the spirit of the season!

Charcuterie Skewers
There’s so much you can do with a toothpick and some snacks. Opt elegant and display charcuterie like darling little Christmas presents, or charm your crowd with snowman skewers – easily achieved with some tiny mozzarella balls and a well-placed carrot!

Mulled Wine Fruit Bowl
Gently poach a medley of seasonal fruits like apples, pears, and plums in a rich mulled wine reduction, where notes of cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel intertwine. As the flavors meld, a symphony of winter spices fills the air. Serve the succulent fruits in a rustic bowl, drizzling a hint of the spiced wine reduction over the top. 

Spiced Pecans
Elevate your holiday snacking with spiced pecans. Toss pecan halves with a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, and a pinch of cayenne for a hint of heat. Roast in the oven until fragrant and caramelized. Serve them in small bowls for a crunchy and addictive appetizer.

Citrus Sunshine Platter
Oranges aren’t just for holiday garlands! Brighten up your table with a variety of citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, and clementines, arranging them artfully on a serving platter. The natural sweetness of the citrus provides a palate-cleansing and invigorating snack. Sprinkle with a touch of flaky sea salt for a delightful contrast. 



7 Looks That Prove Sheer is Here to Stay

Ethereal sheer styles have been blessing our timelines all year long, and the trend isn’t poised to stop any time soon. From delicate lace to translucent fabrics, this trend has gracefully transformed runways and wardrobes alike. For all its allure, it can be difficult to embrace this trend in the colder season. Luckily, Instagram’s finest fashionistas are here to show you how to layer up in sheer no matter the weather!

Angelic Casual

Via @KaylaBrooke


Via @Readwritethrift

New Year’s Eve Dazzle

Via @Iamdayanana


Via @Motelrock

Workplace Elevation

Via @Mikialamodel


Via @TiffanyMarie

Via @Ellelevi

Poof Apparel’s 2024 Trend Report

At Poof Apparel, we make it our business to know what the up-and-coming trends are. December is a natural time to reflect on what’s to come, so we surveyed the digital landscape and picked out our top 5 trends for 2024!

80’s Revival

Even the least fashion-minded person would have noticed the Y2K influence that hit the runway and the streets this past year. The funny thing is, time always has a way of coming back around. While 2023 enjoyed ‘90s and ‘00’s influence, next year will have a distinctly 1980’s feel. Think big moto jackets, puffy sleeves, electric blue eyeliner, and big hair. 

Cowboy Gothic

We have to agree with Pinterest on this one. Next year, #Cowboycore will have a darker edge – think boot spurs and snakeskin. The visual language will be that of typical western wear, but with a more ornamental and slightly gloomy flair.

Ultra-Femme Details

For the cottagecore girlies out there, the farm-chic look will take on a more homemade aesthetic. We’re talking true granny vintage: quilts, bows, and doilies adding feminine touches to outfits everywhere. You’ll see this come up in lacey sweater patterns later in the year, but if you want to get ahead of the curve hit up your local craft store!


How can the act of relaxing be boiled down to a single aesthetic? By doing it as over-the-top as possible, of course! Next year people will be flaunting the high-life no matter the season, with tennis skirts, hair hibiscuses, slinky posh dresses, Après-Ski Chic, and even sunscreen-scented perfume. Vacationcore will hit full force in June, causing you to question who on your timeline is actually working and who’s truly in Antigua.

Musician Trendsetting

Musicians have long-since been harbingers of fashion, but in 2024 their power will reach the next level. This will follow the fanaticism of Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s record-breaking world tours. When looking for style cues, pay attention to the details on red carpets and in music videos. Metallics, bold makeup, shimmer – these stars often get tips even before the big magazines. When in doubt, grab your Beatle Boots – the classics never fail!