Barely There Sandals

  • Translucent Mule Sandals

PVC is hitting the fashion runways once again. First it was boots and raincoats and handbags, oh my. This time, PVC is the clear choice (pun intended) for strappy summer sandals. And there’s plenty to choose from: flats, heels, slides, ankle straps.

These see-through styles are the ultimate neutral accessory; they’ll coordinate with any outfit. And they’re the closest thing to going barefoot when you have to deal with a “No shirt, no shoes, no service” policy this summer at your favorite restaurant or bar. (As for the “no shirt” part, we’re not going there!)


Best of all, PVC sandals work their own special magic. Because they’re transparent, PVC sandals give your legs the illusion of being longer and leggier. We’re sold!



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