Bold Metallics for Cold Weather Glam

Take a look around any party starting the week before Halloween, and you’re bound to see it: metallic shirts, metallic dresses, metallic jackets, leggings, skirts, and pants. Poof Apparel predicted this trend just a few short months ago and now it’s here in full-blown force! If you’re looking to add a little shimmer to your wardrobe, here are some of our favorite pieces this year.

Styling tips:

  • Test insulation on a brisk walk! Metallic fabrics tend to be made of very warm, dense fabric so you may not need as heavy a jacket
  • Pair with upscale vintage! Metallic has a kind of spacey, new age effect and the charm of old-world accessories can help bring your outfit back to earth.
  • Don’t forget the glitter! You won’t want to overpower your outfit with too much metallic (unless it’s for a costume). It’s best to stick with one metallic statement piece, then wear skimmery makeup to underscore the effect.

Silvery Classics

Via Zara


Via J.Crew


Unique Jackets



Shimmer & Shine Pants

Via Target


Via J.Crew


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