Create a Knockout Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving dessert is half the goodness of Thanksgiving dinner (maybe more) so this year craft a dessert buffet filled with decorative pumpkins, signage, and pretty plates.

Start with the platters and serving trays. Stick to one color scheme for impact. Try using ones of different sizes and heights to bring dimension to the table. Add natural accents like leaves and branches and squashes for additional color and vibrancy.

Now for the actual desserts! Go with miniature versions of the classics like mini pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies. Miniature versions make it easier for your guests to eat and try different items plus they look super cute! And it’s not just pie; you can make a variety of cookies, cheesecake bars, and mini cupcakes.

To complete your buffet, decorate with monochromatic napkins and coasters. Create hand-painted signage next to each dessert to tell your guests what each item is. Add in mini pumpkins in various sizes and paint them all ivory and add messages on each to complete the festive look.

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