Fall’s Hot Accessories

The Clunky Dad Sneaker

Rock the ugly sneaker by pairing them with scrunched socks, a tulle skirt and a fitted top. Alternatively, go full-dad and pair them with baggy jeans and a blazer.

Over-sized Hoops

Hoops can be worn in all different styles but this fall pair your shoulder-sweeping hoops with collar tops and cool graphic tees.

Big Sunglasses

Make a statement this fall with over-sized sunglasses. Like most sunglasses, they can be worn with almost anything but this fall keeping it simple, so the sunglasses shine, by wearing them with simple tops and jeans.

The Necklace Pouch

Consider this trend a god-send for living a hands-free life. Ranging in styles from clip-on cases, around the neck puches and shoulder belt bags, easily pair these bags with your favorite fall look.

The Bodega Bag

This season’s “it” bag takes its inspiration from everyones favorite corner store. Inspired by shopping bags and totes, you’ll find cool, clear totes, cyrstal “ziploc” bags and designer emblem totes.

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