Get Cozy with Textures

This fall we’re all about textures. Changing texture of something can totally change everything about it – the look, the style of an outfit, the perception. Read on for the textures we can’t wait to experiment with this fall.

Chantilly Lace
We’re calling it now: the lace look is going to be the go-to for party looks this season. An equal mix of sweet and sultry, lace looks let you have the best of both worlds.

Faux Fur
Faux fur is super luxe. A bold faux fur piece adds instant sophistication to your outfit, and it will leave people wondering which runway you sauntered off of. If full-on fur isn’t your thing, fur-trimmed will still make you look like a million bucks.

Yes, velvet is back again this year – but we’re not complaining. Velvet leggings are a must-have in your wardrobe this year, and they’re perfect for pairing with your huge sweater collection.

Satin is a feminine fabric, and it lends that loveliness to otherwise unfeminine garments. Take the satin trench coat, for instance. Compared to its khaki counterparts, the satin trench screams stylish.

Fuzzy fabrics
Fuzzy sweaters are super cute. They add a little whimsy to a I-Woke-Up-Like-This casual outfit, and work for layering over button ups, pairing with skirts or just tossing on with a pair of jeans.

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