Hot shoes for spring

Whether you wear platform shoes so big you could do a high dive off them, or your favorite footwear is the casual kind you can kick off at a moment’s notice, you’re in luck. This spring’s shoe styles offer something for everyone.

Naked Shoe Trend
It’s clear (sorry, we couldn’t resist) that the plastic look is here to stay β€” at least for spring 2018. There’s even Cinderella-like “glass” pumps.

Platform Sandals

While sandals with single toe rings are popular this spring and summer, you’ll find a wide range of styles (and prices).


If you want to rock your style this spring, wear a pair of funky ankle socks with your heels.


Nothing gives a shoe a more feminine touch than a pretty little bow β€” or a pretty, big bow.

Kitten heels

Fast forward from the 1950s, when kitten heels made their first appearance, to today. Today’s styles range from pumps to boots to everything in between.

Ugly Sneakers

These are not your dad’s sneakers. They’re bling-y, bedazzled, futuristic sneakers, and not for the faint of heart.


Yes, you’ll see boots this spring. Think soft pastel hues, ankle boots, cowboy boots and, even “your mother wears” combat boots.

Backless Shoes


Slip on a pair of mules and you’ll be set for any occasion. This season’s styles feature embellishments, oversized tongues and more.


We’re talking ballet-inspired styles, with straps that seem to caress your ankles. Feathers and tassels optional.

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