How to Get Fit At Home

Times are strange, and even our always reliable 24-hour gyms are suddenly closed. With no end to the US lockdown measures in place, does this mean an end to your physically fit lifestyle? Not even close. There are numerous activities you can do at home without a single weight. When all is said and done and the gyms are back open, you might find that you prefer not leaving the house after all.

Yoga is the ultimate anywhere workout. With over 84 classic yoga positions, you have a wide variety of options that not only can boost your flexibility and safely work out your back, but promote breathing techniques you can use in everyday life. Countless free yoga courses and exercise routines are available on Youtube.

You don’t necessarily need weights to get a good workout with squats (though you will want to up your reps). As an added bonus, you can lift everything from two liter soda bottles to bricks to give your squats some added resistance. You can also lean your back against a wall as you squat, adding even more resistance to your thighs and glutes.

When working out at home, pull ups require more imagination than strength when finding a makeshift pull up bar or angled surface.

Push-ups and sit-ups are a classic for a reason. All you need is your height in space along the floor and you can set your own speed and tempo to build up your core, chest, and shoulders. For added intensity with push ups, combine them with burpees.

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