January Wardrobe Edit: A Step by Step Guide

Let’s declutter! January is the time to rethink, refresh and kick-start the year. Here is our step by step guide on how to tackle this necessary project.

Prep: Allocate a realistic amount of time for editing thoroughly. Make sure to have an open space to lay out all of your items. This way clutter and a messy space won’t get in the way of your focus. Start by having a goal on what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of: fill up a bag of clothes, clear out a drawer fully, etc.

Bring Them Out: Set up a couple of big bags or boxes to put your unwanted items into. Designate a bench or your bed for the ‘keepers’.

Sort: Start with essential keepers that you know you want to keep. Put them aside. These should be pieces you absolutely love. Next, have a pile to donate and a pile to throw away.

Organize: Get rid of those pieces that you don’t wear and won’t wear. This may be tough to decide but if you can’t remember the last time you wore something, it’s best to throw it away. The pieces you don’t like and never did like but felt bad about getting rid of them? Put those in the throwaway pile as well. The pieces that don’t fit properly and the dodgy sales buy take up room with little use. Get rid of those too!

Maintain: Fold and organize the pieces you want in a way that benefits you. The clothing you wear the most should be easy to find, while the stuff you don’t wear as much should be left in the back of your closest. Pack away seasonal items so they don’t take up space when they’re not needed.

January is the new start of a new year and with that comes letting go of baggage(literally!). Edit your wardrobe and enjoy more space and a less cluttered closet.

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