Lessons from Copenhagen: Street Style, Bogcore, and Beyond

Last month was Copenhagen Fashion Week, and we’re still reeling from the influx of inspiration from both the runways and the streets. If you’re not familiar, this Nordic fashion fiesta is not your average runway affair; it’s a celebration of Scandinavian style that effortlessly blends minimalism with bold creativity. From sustainable fashion statements to avant-garde designs, Copenhagen Fashion Week is a trendsetting playground that showcases the intersection of tradition and innovation. Here are some of our main takeaways on trends to come:

Power Clashing is back! The moment is now to mix as many patterns as possible, and one of them better be leopard print!

Texture is everything. If your ‘fit doesn’t make people want to reach out and touch it, it may be time to add more faux-fur.

The Reign of Dark Red. We’ve already written about the fashion world’s obsession with Black Cherry, and Copenhagen was not immune to the forbidden fruit. 

Modern Bogcore. Its location on the Nordic peninsula means foggy, mystical climate informs a lot of fashion in Denmark. This year, it took the form in elegant greens and blues, with a casual focus on layering. 

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