Must-Have Items for Hosting Your First Dinner Party

Impromptu dinner parties mark some of the best evenings of your twenties. There’s nothing quite like enjoying fresh food with friends, wining and dining late into the night. Whether it’s for a birthday, Shabbat, or just because, it’s a milestone to throw your first party. Here’s everything you’ll need to make it a great occasion – minus the cookware and food. We’ll assume you’ve got that covered! 

Candles, Candles, Candles!
Did you know that the word “candlestick” refers to both the candle and its holder? Confusing, we know, but make sure to grab a few of both for added ambiance.

Festive Fabrics
Wake up grandma: doilies are back. Doilies, and linen napkins and wicker place settings… the options are endless so choose your own adventure!


Florals, Darling
Self explanatory: bright blooms = blooming conversation. Pro tip: skip pre-made bouquets and build your own with loose greens and flowers! In this case, it’s cheaper to customize.

Save Enough Seats!
Depending on the length of your guest list, you might need to get creative with seating arrangements! Side tables, floor pillows, and folded blankets are all great options – and add to that young, bohemian vibe.

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