Pumpkin Spice Cocktail

The fall is that time of the year in which pumpkin is both a motive and an excuse to feast. From pumpkin late to pumpkin soup, the fact is we actually do love a good pumpkin suggestion to go out. Cocktails are the kind of drink that originally takes any ingredient,  and shakes them out in the best way to offer an amazing flavor. 

With Halloween coming you want to get ready and make a choice. How do you prefer the taste of this orange color mix? We have a list to help you twisting  pumpkin, and make it actually amazing!

  •  Pumpkin Sazerac Real pumpkin syrup, cognac, and lemon juice. All on the rock.

  • Spiced Pumpkin Flip Bourbon, amaretto, and pumpkin mixed with agave. 

  • Pumpkin Buck Whisky or applejack with pumpkin soda, with a touch of ginger.

  • Pumpkin Toddy Apple brandy, rye whiskey, lemon juice, maple syrup, pumpkin puree.

  • Pumpkin Nog Puree eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon  topped with whipped cream, and grated nutmeg.

  • Smashing Pumpkin Aged rum and all spice liqueur

  • Great Pumpkin Apple brandy, rye whiskey, maple syrup, pumpkin ale and a whole egg into it.

  • Pumpkin Punch. Bourbon and ginger liqueur with apple, lemon and pineapple juices, pumpkin puree and a fall spice syrup.

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