Seashells on Everything

This souvenir-inspired trend has gone well beyond a niche jewelry adornment loved by tourists. Everyone from Alexander Mcqueen to Zara are adorning their Summer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories in seashells. We’re hopping on this bandwagon and think you should too.


  • Aldo Oceradda Leather Espadrille

Everything from mules to espadrilles to Summer’s hot toe sandal trend gets a chic conch embroidering.


Take this trend everywhere you go with an adorned net, straw and drawstring bag. If you’re feeling bold, try a shell-shaped bag in metallic for a more modern feel.

Hair Accessories

Classic and trendy, seashell hair accessories are a vibe all their own.


  • Shashi Caroline Hoops

Adorn your ear, neck or wrist with chic hidden gems of the ocean.


Dresses, tops, bathing suits and more feature seashell embroidery along the neckline, sides, sleeves, and hems.

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