Suit Up: Best of Bodysuits

The bodysuit trend has been hanging around since this spring, with no signs of leaving anytime soon. And why would it? It eliminates bulk, stays put, flatters, and is an effortless way to tie together an outfit.

Read on for some of our favorite celeb-inspired ways to rock the bodysuit this season

Everyday Perfection
Karlie Kloss sets the precedent for  making overalls look chic. Wear a turtleneck bodysuit under pair of overalls or a jumper, pair with stilettos and a clutch for an easy look for any occasion.


Daring Date Night
Looking for a killer date night look? Pair a daring v-neck bodysuit with an eye-catching pencil skirt and a blazer to emphasize your favorite features.


Monotone Elegance
Steal Kendall’s glamorous look by shopping for pieces of a similar tone. Pair a modest body suit with a pair of muted trousers and heels. Drape a long overcoat over your shoulders, and you’ll have people wondering what catwalk you just sauntered off of.


Casual Glam
Chrissy Teigen is the queen of casual glam. Pair with an over coat, cropped light wash jeans and your favorite heels for an effortless, pulled together look. Bonus points for a cute clutch in a fun pattern.





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