The Beauty Benefits of a Jade Roller

By now, you most probably know what a jade roller is. You know: It’s that ancient beauty tool that’s having a major resurgence among beauty bloggers and dermatologists alike, thanks to its incredible ability to boost your skin’s circulation. But the benefits of jade rolling go beyond that. Yes, seriously. Read on below as we highlight the beauty benefits of facial massages and jade rollers!

It gets your blood flowing.

A jade roller is essentially another way to deliver a facial massage. Typically throughout the day, your facial muscles can become stiff, limiting the circulation of blood and oxygen in your face. This results in anything from puffy skin and tension headaches, to longer recovery time from blemishes and other skincare no-nos. The roller allows you to apply pressure evenly around your face, giving your muscles some soothing relief.

It optimizes lymphatic drainage. 

Another huge benefit of a jade roller? That it allows for “lymphatic drainage.” While this might sound totally gross, it’s actually a totally normal procedure that estheticians perform during routine facials. As Ipsy notes: “Your hardworking lymph nodes help your immune system fight off infections. Draining them is one way to relieve tension in your face and neck, further promoting circulation and boosting your skin’s ability to bounce back from any issues.” Sign us up!

It helps with even product distribution.

Turns out, you can use a jade roller to massage beauty products (think: oils and serums) onto your face to ensure even distribution. Whether you’re combating dark circles under your eyes (hi, Gucci eye-bags!) or fine lines around your mouth, a jade roller can make sure that not a drop of skincare product goes to waste. Awesome!

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