The Secret to Effortless Exercise


Swimsuit season may be winding down, but you shouldn’t take that as a cue to let your exercise routine leave with it.

The secret to effortless exercise is simple: find something you enjoy. Whether you love morning yoga or afternoon walks, you can’t base your own routine off of what works for someone else.

If you see exercise as a chore, there are a ton of ways to work out without knowing it. Try finding something that doesn’t feel like exercise. You can pick up a new skill through swing dancing or kickboxing classes, or take random classes until you find something that clicks.

Exercising with friends can also make it seem effortless. Spend an afternoon hiking with some of your closest friends, bike through your city, or challenge your group to basketball tournament. Find 40+ ideas for getting active here.

Most importantly, don’t get bored. Jogging the same path every day can kill your enthusiasm and make it harder to get motivated.

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