Trend Alert: The Rise of the Modern Modern Muse

With spring just weeks away, the tides of culture seem to be shifting towards a kind of hopeful romanticism. Taylor Swift has announced a dreamy-seeming new album, Tik Tok is obsessed with emulating rom-com heroines, and The Notebook is coming to Broadway. All this wistful limerence has given rise to an emerging trend we’re calling the Modern Muse aesthetic. Somewhere between bridal and boho, the white base of the muse’s palette says, “I’m married to my art.” If you’re tired of coquette and want something a bit more divine, this trend might be for you. Here are the essential elements:

Windblown Magic
There’s an almost tomboy element to the unkempt nature of a true muse. Work with your hair texture, not against it, to create an aura of effortless charm. When in doubt, a little time by the seaside or in a nearby wheat field is known to do wonders for the keratin.



Lounge Around
A muse exudes a feeling of total inner peace. If you can’t access that in this modern world, let your actions lead the way. Settle into your environment and breathe before you speak. A handy dried flower will underscore the point, at least for a photo-op.


Everyday Cool
The Modern Muse is an elevation of the extremely trendy “clean girl aesthetic,” taking pristine fabrics and glass skin to another level. Invest in the perfect white top – or better yet, a corset – to bring with you wherever you go. Even when you’re not in full muse getup, you can carry that quiet confidence into any situation.



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