Wardrobe-Boosting Resolutions: In with the New, Out with the Old

Sartorial sins? They’re sooo 2020.

Make 2021 your most fashionable year ever with these wardrobe-boosting resolutions.

Start Off with a Wardrobe Cleanse

While it might not be time for spring cleaning, do yourself a favor and start the New Year off right by decluttering your closet.

Going minimalist streamlines your dressing process, allowing you to focus on the outfits that bring you joy every time you put them on. In simple terms? Get rid of the stuff you don’t need and you’ll be happy. This way, you can focus all your energy on the items that make you feel fabulous and boost your confidence in 2021.

Organize Your Items

Do you often complain about not having anything to wear? Reorganizing your wardrobe might be just the answer.

An organized closet helps create clarity, making it easier for you to put together an ensemble for the day. When you can see the designs of your t-shirts and the cut of a pair of jeans, you’re more inclined to decide what you really want to wear, instead of just guessing.

Overall, organizing your wardrobe allows you to steer clear of the chaos and stress of trying to find the right outfit. You’re welcome.

Figure Out Your 2021 “Look”

Want 2021 to finally be the year you have a cohesive wardrobe? Then actively try to figure out what you want your aesthetic to be.

Take a few hours out of a day to zero in on what items and looks make you feel the most beautiful and confident. If it helps, create a Pinterest board with some looks you admire. Once you pinpoint what designs or aesthetics speak to you the most, translate that information back into your closet.

Take Risks

Throw on some bright colors. Experiment— or mix & match— with different patterns. Toss your everyday sneakers for some bold Doc Martens.

Whatever it is, getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to keep things exciting and help you grow in 2021. Plus, switching things up style-wise can also be a fun form of self-expression and creativity.

Investment Pieces Over Trends

While we know it’s tempting to spend your hard-earned money on fashion trends, we suggest opting for investment pieces you’ll wear time and time again.

What exactly is an investment piece, you say? Simply put, investment pieces withstand time and trends. They’re items that aren’t season-specific or tied to a one-of-the-moment trend that may be out of style in three to five months. Think: a quality leather jacket, a gold necklace, or sleek boots.

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