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With the rise of Tik Tok, it can seem like the style cycle is spinning at an impossible pace. Microtrends, influencer fads, seasonal changes: it’s hard to keep up with! To help you break through the noise, Poof Apparel is introducing monthly style horoscopes. By closely tracking planetary orbits and cross-referencing notes with industry greats like Susan Miller and the Astro Poets, Poof Apparel’s resident astrologer Madame Esmerelda delivers monthly insights on how to align your style with the stars. 

January Style Horoscopes, by Madame Esmerelda

Aries: With Jupiter in Aries until mid-May, this is your time to shine! Jupiter’s orbit brings you luck and sheds light on the path you’ll follow for years to follow. So when it comes to style, now’s the time to invest! Envision the person you’d like to be 10 years down the line and shop for them. We’re talking fitted blazers, cashmere scarves, and fancy pants! The world is your oyster, so go get some pearls!

Gemini: People say you’re two-faced, but we know that’s just a bitter way of framing your talent for adapting– and thriving! You’re able to create fresh outfits without ever hitting the shops, so why not indulge in just one big purchase that’s as versatile as you? A reversible coat or sweater will double your options in one fell swoop.

Taurus: As the sign of comfort and coziness, you feel right at home in the wintertime. This month, we’re just here to validate you: yes, a blanket can be clothes, and yes, you should treat yourself to that super-soft shawl you’ve got on your wish list. 

Cancer: For the most caring sign in the zodiac, it can be hard to schedule some self care time. But to provide for others, you have to provide for yourself, too! This month, consider styling from the inside out. Solidify your skincare routine, treat yourself to some nice perfume, and then– and only then– worry about what you’re wearing to all the parties you’ve been invited to!

Leo: Everybody’s saying that Y2K is coming back big time for 2023, but as the leading lion of the zodiac, you prefer to be ahead of trend. Instead of sporting the plastic fashion ‘02, go for grunge-inspired pieces this season: band tees, weathered denim, and big hair. Channel the vibes of a ‘70s superstar, and you’ll pop in the neon crowds.

Virgo: For the most detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, the devil’s in, well, the details. Which is to say, the jewelry! Indulge in both your practical nature and your desire for shiny things by stocking up on jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, and rings are evergreen additions to your boudoir, and come springtime you’ll be ready to sparkle.

Libra: As the most romantic of the air signs, you’re not letting a winter coat cover up your flirty nature! Repurpose your *scandalous* summer pieces by layering them over a turtleneck, and bring the whole thing together with some bling! Trust, if you add enough necklaces, it’ll balance out.

Scorpio: This time of year, it seems like everybody’s hiding under a jacket. As the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, that’s just how you like it. Forget about looking cool in the snow and focus on what lies beneath the coat– a chainmail vest, leather pants, or a holographic halter top. With a getup like this, you can sneak into the party unnoticed, and wow the crowd once you shed your outer layer.

Sagittarius: With your love of adventure and all things new, you’re probably very sick of the winter ‘fits by now. The same coat, every day? That is not the Sag way! Break the mold by getting some cool, versatile outerwear. Anything other than a black puffer will do– consider a fleece-lined colorful windbreaker, or maybe a cape? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s warm so that you’re prepared to jet off at a moment’s notice.

Capricorn: As this month’s birthday royalty, trust that you’ll receive plenty of gifts to add to your wardrobe. Once you’ve taken stock in your b-day haul, treat yourself to something that’ll keep you grounded through the new year. That’s right, we’re talking shoes. Do your Capricorn thing and make a well-researched decision on a perfect pair, then go for it. You deserve this!

Aquarius: You’re probably used to hearing that your sign is the “weird one,” but experts know you’re just a Taurus with a little extra pizazz. A trend only sticks around if it passes the comfort test, so this month skip the novelty products and get something unique that will last a long time. Our crystal ball reveals lots of hand-knit wool garments and a brightly colored Shetland sweater. 

Pisces: Many animals hibernate through the winter, and as the most instinctual sign of the zodiac, you’re inclined to do so as well. Forget outerwear and layering– what you need is to rejuvenate with some amazing sleepwear. Say yes to anything indulgent– silk skips, satin pajamas, and of course, slippers. After all, one must sleep to dream!

Happy Capricorn Season!


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